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  • Karl

    I wonder whether they’re using single-sided or the prototype dual-sided Stages? Does anyone know how important yaw is in this context? If you read wheel manufacturers, you’d think it mattered a lot but I can’t see how it would be quantified for rider position on a velodrome.

    • Chris Fisher

      Some of the photos posted on the GCN Twitter feed from when this video was shot show some boxed up Stages cranks where the boxes are significantly larger than the ones used for the current one sided version available at the moment. Make of that what you will. I would infer they are testing dual sided versions, but I wouldn’t expect that they will be admitting that at the moment.

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      • I visited Stages HQ last month and they indicated dual side power meters was something being played with, but nothing that they would commercialise in the near future.

      • Dave

        Remember that sponsorship agreements with suppliers don’t actually require the team to use the products, but merely to be seen to be using them.

        Covering up other brands’ gear with black tape, using stickers with fake logos or even bringing separate ‘display’ bikes to put out for the photographers at races are all tactics used by teams to toe the sponsorship line and still use other gear that they prefer.

  • John Brown

    Anyone notice the water bottle with, what looks like a data cable and pack on (3m19sec). Would like to know what gadgets they’ve got hidden in there.


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