5 reasons we love biking

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In recognition of Valentine’s Day, we wanted to celebrate our biggest love: cycling. Here are our top five reasons we love bicycling.

It brings people together.

Chatting and sunshine

The bike can be a way to bond over some fun with those near and dear or turn the stranger that you shared an epic ride with quickly into a friend. Sharing a challenge, an exhilarating ride or supporting one another through a low patch can be one of the best ways to bring people together.

No problem seems as big after a ride.


It can be as simple as thinking something over during a cruisey ride to find a solution or forgetting it all for a while as all your energy and thoughts go into making it up that climb, hanging onto that group or just going as fast as you possibly can. A ride often delivers a new perspective and everything just seems a little rosier after some time on the bike.

You get to know yourself better than ever before.


How hard and how far can you go really? What can your body do? What’s going on in your head when you’ve exerted yourself to the max? Cycling can be an emotional rollercoaster. You will feel joy and pure exhaustion, relief and a tremendous sense of accomplishment. Through it all you will get to know your body and yourself at a level you’d never been to before and this helps you off the bike as well.

– It help you see places you’ve never seen before.

Yarra Ranges

The bike is freedom. It allows you to travel the roads less travelled, take in the sights and smells of your surroundings and be one with the people and/or nature. Chirping birds, rushing water, kids’ laughter, mooing cows, roaring winds, the crunching of the gravel below your tires or the soothing humm as you glide over fresh pavement – you just don’t experience the world the same way from a car, train or plane.

A fitter, healthier, happier you.


There is a direct link between exercise and well-being. It provides stress relief, releases endorphins, helps you sleep better, stimulates blood flow to heart and head, keeps your weight in check and it’s just plain fun! All the benefits combined means that cycling on a regular bases help you become the best version of yourself.