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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017
  • Whammy

    Now we see whether the various commentators can change, adjust or suspend their opinions or positions in the light of new evidence. I’m guessing many will fail to do so.

    • David Bonnett

      Assuming this turns out to be true, why were he and the bike in the pits, was he accredited and why was the motor added to it? Just as with drugs, the rider is still accountable for the items in their “possession.”

      • ebbe

        He was not in the pits, only the bike was. The whole story of how the bike got in the pits has been explained already, but of course that explanation remains to be verified or invalidated in the official investigation

    • Dan

      Yeah, like why she was riding it before when a teammate was sharing photographs: http://www.1limburg.nl/stultiens-ontving-foto-van-verdacht-frame-met-motortje?context=section-2

      • sps12321

        I am trying to see the widdening of the tube they describe but can’t (it may very well be there I just can’t seem to see it in that photo)

    • H.E. Pennypacker

      It all comes down to verification and whether the evidence turns out to be reliable. I’ll be the first to admit this seems far-fetched, but if it holds up under exacting scrutiny, she’s clear. If it doesn’t, she isn’t.

    • Michele

      “All I can say is that it’s my bike…” he said, declining to speak further.

      New evidence???

      If anything, I’m now more convinced that there was something dodgey going on.

      • Laurens

        This confession is the absolute minimum required to get her in the clear. My interpretation is that it is hard to lie and that’s why there are no more details. The more you say, the more chance of contradicting yourself in the future or the more chance people can point out things that don’t add up. You don’t have those issues if you speak the truth, so why is that all he says?
        Just my thoughts…

    • Chris

      Because there are still so many obvious questions. Like why was he not freaking out to the police that his high end bike was missing? If he found out that it was accidentally taken into the pits would he not ask for it back? Would nobody remember him asking for it or demanding it be returned? Try taking my very nice machine from me: I certainly won’t stay silent for long.

      Theory: it’s taken this long to barter a price/raise funds to get him to take the fall.

      • Chris

        Not to mention the easy checks on bike position/setup – it is set up for her or him? Ask the mechanic if it needed alterations to position and exactly what those alterations were.

        • blair houghton

          Hell, ask the mechanic if he noticed that a 15-lb bike suddenly weighed 25 lbs…

          • Chuck

            They don’t really weigh that much. It’s possible to build a complete bike with motor that weighs around 8 kilos.

    • Dave

      Hold your horses, it hasn’t been verified yet.

  • pauldr

    Seems like a perfect way out. Tech dopers will just deny it was their bike and blame a mate who happened to take the bike to the race. I want to know why did she sell the bike and then get another one exactly the same??

    • sp12321

      Teams often give the bikes to the riders or sell them at a reduced price and the riders will sell them to supplement their income when they get the new season’s bikes.

      • pauldr

        Yes, but she says they are the same bikes, not a new season bike and and old season one?

      • Chris

        And when they don’t get a new season bike but instead get the exact model?

        • blair houghton

          Maybe the bike supplier didn’t make a new version for this year. How often do cross frames get redesigned? Not very often.

          • pauldr

            Surely they would at least have a different paint job?

  • Sebastian

    if I would jump on somebody’s else bike I would notice straight ahead. Don’t know the truth but it’s hard to believe that a pro rider like she is didn’t feel she’s not ridding her bike

    • sps12321

      she didn’t ride it from what I gathered.

    • Andy B

      Yes I don’t believe there is any proof of her having ridden this bike (that ive seen)

      • Dave

        Neither is there any proof that she didn’t.

        The only thing properly established is that it was in her pit box.

    • Sebastian

      My bad

  • Alex

    So there’s no explanation of why her friend decided to put a concealed motor in the bike?

    • Chuck

      So he could keep up with his pro racing girl friend?

  • Andy B

    Curious to know if the set up, saddle height etc was all identical to her race bike?
    I don’t know anyone who rides exactly the same set up as me
    Also curious if she had another spare bike sitting around that the mechanic didn’t see?
    Obviously if he picked up and cleaned a bike it would be assumed she had a spare bike so there must be 3?

    Lots of questions come from this

  • Cam

    This is laughable, come on are we really that stupid.

  • DavidM

    Does she really have the *exact* same bike this season as last? I’m pretty sure most brands are known to update models each year!
    If so, why would she sell one bike for exactly the same?
    Is there any proof that she sold it to him? Receipt, him insuring it etc
    Did anyone see this guy riding around on the day? Any witnesses at all?
    Was the bike set up for her?? Surely they’d have different set ups?
    They also need to quiz him on the motor – why he had it, where he got it from etc.
    Sounds suspect really.

    • blair houghton

      How many brands would update cross bikes every year?
      Racing is hard on equipment. New gear is better gear.
      The team can easily confirm she had a new bike and the right to sell the old one.

      The rest of this investigation is going to take some sweating under hot lights. Her, her friend, everyone they know, and the team’s mechanics. And, once they start pointing fingers, team management and maybe some race organizers will be grilled.

    • Chuck

      Somebody posted pics from her during the previous season and the bikes look identical except the cables are dayglo yellow last year and dayglo pink this year. A very obvious visual difference.

  • Adrian

    This is really is hard to believe. I just cant imagine any professional rider would accidentally get on a bike and think it was theirs. I go to some length to choose a saddle, adjust it very specifically. I only like one bar tape. I set me bar rake, bar width, stem length, shifter position, computer mount and brake pad gap to my preferences. Then there are the pedals, cassette choice, chain rings and saddle height. Together I doubt there is a bike with the same setup in the world. For me I notice immediately when any of these things are off.

    • Unbelievable

      If you read the articles about this more closely, they don’t claim that she rode it at all. It was in the pit area. Still – that is technical fraud as the rules clearly state that equipment that doesn’t meet the rules isn’t allowed in the compound.

  • Legstrong

    I hope UCI doesn’t fall into a potentially long and costly due process. Like, a lawsuit from Femke party. This Belgian guy is most likely a scapegoat. This is not what cycling needs at the moment. Truly unfortunate.

    She didn’t use the bike in the championship but I hoped UCI could use the infamous Koppenberg Cross last year for evidence. It was clear to see the video when she climbed that Koppenberg, she was able to spin (I’m guessing 100+rpm) it out and made some of the best CX racers looked like amateurs. She gapped them in the 1st lap where everybody was still in high intensity mode and relatively in 100% condition. When Kristoff and Tepstra broke away and attacked Koppenberg climb, their cadence was roughly in the 80’s or so. Everybody could tell they were suffering (a lot of upper body movement). Not to mention that they were on road tires (25-28) with 80+ psi while she was on 33mm tires with 20-30psi.

    In the 2nd lap of the same Koppenberg cross video, she did the same thing again. In addition, at some point she stopped pedaling but still propelling forward. I believed that wasn’t possible on Koppenberg climb. You stop pedaling, gravity will take over and stop you.

    • Tillie Tavares

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  • parmijo

    So when she got on his bike she didn’t notice a difference in saddle height, saddle setback, stem length and other personal setup dimensions? Did the guy run the same pedals as her? Any pro or top amateur immediately can tell if their bike is theirs or not. Unless the guy is her identical twin then their setups would be completely different. Also, there is a mechanic who worked on the bike and apparently didn’t notice anything funny? All pro bikes are checked and weighed. The additional weight of the system would be immediately apparent to any mechanic.

    • philipmcvey

      As per the many posts above – she never claimed to have ridden the bike at the championships, nor is there any evidence that she did. She can’t notice the saddle height if she never knew the bike was there. Of course, there’s no proof she DIDN’T ride it or know that it was there either. It’s all very strange, and I don’t think there’s enough evidence been released to say for sure what actually occurred. I do agree the mechanic would have almost certainly noticed the weight difference, assuming he had to lift it on to stand to clean it. The weirdest thing is that if she bought this to the race for an advantage then why didn’t she ride it? Cold feet?

      • Chris

        I assume they’ll have bike #3, which is her #2 bike. She must have had 3 bikes in the pits once you count her friend’s, yeh?

  • Andy Galloway

    LOLz yes it’s my friends bike – and he sits the same height as me, he uses the same saddle setback, stem, bars, control positions and headset spacers as me, he is my morphological exact replica … coz I wouldn’t notice any difference, like my professional mechanic wouldn’t either because it’s not like we are at the Cyclocross World Championships with arguably THE most cyclocross dominant country’s National team or anything … pfft.

  • alexroseinnes

    LOL, dog ate my homework

  • David Chadderton

    Brilliant! Oh, its not my bike, now. WHAT is that button for? Oh, zooooom!

    • Colin

      Does it matter who owed the bike? It was set up for her, with her name on it and in the pits. If a riders bag/car/team bus was found to be full of drugs and he said its ok they are my doctors they aren’t mine what would happen…

      • Dave

        I agree.

        The Schapelle Defence is not going to work.

      • Don Lux

        How many spare bikes does an under 23 woman get ? If she only has two and this bike wasn’t hers then where was her spare bike? Did her mechanic not notice she had an extra bike in the pit?

  • Mister Epic

    I’m curious to know whether the guy who bought her bike has exactly the same inseam. It would be quite a twist if some well known professional cyclist comes forward and claim it, not the guy who is apparently working at a chip shop.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Okay so if it’s his bike didn’t he notice it was missing from the day before? And didn’t anyone notice there was an extra bike?

  • Damon

    Unbelievable! What utter contempt and sheer audacity! Her brother is serving a ban for doping and she is obviously a squirming weasel!

  • Andrew

    Another question. Why would you take a technically fraudulent bike into a UCI/ Team compound on a day of a race anyway. That wouldjust be an act of lunacy with anything possible. Leave it at home and use the spare clunker like most other Fred’sdo

  • Berne Shaw

    The UCI rule is the rider is solely responsible to have only compliant bikes in the vicinity of othe venue PERIOD. Failure to do so is a violation of the rule.
    Thus she is guilty plain and simple. It is a total crock that a bike with a motor that was hers would find its way into the pit for her to ride. Please people. Are we into the myth of the innocent damsel in distress thing here.

  • Mikkel Bech

    From nov 2015 – look how easy she climbs compared to other riders. She’s number 10 – take a look at 2:58 and 11:55 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_AlvQJqkfpk&t=2m58s

    • David O

      At 11:55 or so she down shifts twice and moments later looks at the right shifter (a couple of times) and appears to try and press something in the hood or inside of the hood.

      The looking down was is as if whatever she was pressing wasn’t working and she was looking down to see why.

  • Jonny O

    So the bike had a motor installed she didn’t know about. And it just happens to be the kind that installs in the seat tube and otherwise highly consealable. Coincidentally, this style of kit is by far more expensive than traditional bolt on kits. And the guy she sold the bike to just happened to have similar rider dimensions. And after having the kit installed he didn’t tell anyone, didn’t say “check out my cool new toy”. And it just happens to end up in a jumble of bikes, of course the mechanics aren’t careful about that before a world champion level event.



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July 27, 2017
July 26, 2017
July 25, 2017
July 24, 2017