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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
  • Legstrong

    Other than the regular seatpost and triangular tube that Orbea frame looks very similar like Giant TCR. Nice looking bikes otherwise.

  • Kieran Degan

    Love the black chainrings and crankset.

    • Cameron Harris

      I’m not loving the solid black chain rings. I think they look heavy. I realise that that are probably not heavy, but it was the most jarring visual element of each of those bikes.

      Each to their own :-)

  • Paolo

    Does a eTap specific frame mean just no holes? Does it mean the frames will be cheaper because there is less work required or more expensive cos they are “eTap specific”?

    • kasual

      Let’s go with more expensive, just because. Also the groups will definitely be cost-prohibitive for the foreseeable future.

  • overthehill

    Version two – electronic braking as well?

    • Robert Merkel

      If you mean wireless braking, way, way, way too risky.

      If the shifting suffers from interference, the worst case scenario is that you’re left in the wrong gear. If the braking is interfered with, you’re potentially over the handlebars or off a cliff.

    • PlodrPete

      v3 comes with engine braking.

      • Sean parker

        You mean it is a fixie?

  • Nitro

    Definitely awesome looking bikes…. but…. I’m wondering if (when) someone’s going to go all out and put this eTap on the 2016 Madone – which has to have the cleanest looking cockpit in the universe (i.e. No brake cables visible anywhere)

    Wouldn’t this combination be the absolute ultimate in hidden integration?

  • broke

    Super keen but out of my budget until SRAM FORCE etap comes out……please soon!!

  • Simon

    Love the clean look. However I hope other companies also adopt wireless and matching discs. Good on SRAM for developing this but to my eye, SRAM’s equipment sometimes misses the aesthetic qualities I prefer, eg their road disc levers and chainsets. But that’s a personal view, what’s indisputable is that it’s an exciting time in bike development.

  • Søren Nejmann

    You forgot mine! ;-)

  • peter

    wonder when the solar paneled version comes out…

  • Patrick Murphy

    That Baum is a thing of beauty imo, one day…….

  • Guest

    >> “At Above Category,” said Nate King, “we’ve long been luddites about electronic groups because they look a bit ‘tacked-on’ with the mess of wires, junction boxes, and until recently, batteries.

    As opposed to the only other alternative which was even fatter cables with larger bend radii? Ok, the external battery was a bit clunky, but that was solved years ago.

    >> “eTap definitely cleans up the bike. “The simplicity of the wireless system is graceful, elegant, and very reminiscent of an externally-routed mechanical bike.”

    Wait, what? How is a wireless system reminiscent of an externally-routed bike?

    >> “It’s a lot quicker…Not quite on par with Di2 or EPS, but it’s very close”


    >> “The F1-style paddle mechanism is actually really, really intuitive.”

    How do you change the front and back at the same time, as I do frequently? I haven’t heard that mentioned yet.

    >> So intuitive that it made going back to a ‘standard’ shifting system a little tricky.”

    Oh, please. That line of reasoning is a beat-up.

    >> The relatively short charge life (~1,000km) seems to be a small blessing since the riders have been more diligent about keeping the batteries charged.

    So less battery life is a positive?

    >> “with a dead Di2 battery because of my own ineptitude”

    You said it.

    >> “The upside to eTap’s two-battery system is that you can easily swap them in a pinch”

    That is nice, I’ll give them that. But better still is just charge your battery once a month.

    It seems like a nice entry into the market, for sure. But everything I’ve read on it so far comes across as marketing spin.

    • Jessy Vee

      “How do you change the front and back at the same time, as I do frequently?”

      Erm… from what I understand, you’re not really meant to do that due to the extra chain slap and the possibility of the chain jumping off your gears or snapping…

      Either way, go and see it in action. It’s a nice bit of kit. I loved the few kms I rode with it.

      • Andrew

        My mechanical Campy SR has absolute no issue with this type of action. I’m staying there and call me a luddite

        • Jessy Vee

          I wouldn’t ever call you that. :p

          And I can do it on all of the group sets I own, I was just saying that you probably shouldn’t because of the reasons I stated above. :) A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link, regardless of the brand.

    • Hamish Moffatt

      Yup. eTap’s solving a marketing problem rather than a real problem.

    • H.E. Pennypacker

      The kids on your lawn must be terrified.

  • velomonkey

    This article should come with a click bait warning – clearly Above Category is now the sponsor of the month. I hate myself for haven tried to actually read this ‘article.’

    • 900Aero

      Dude, its not that serious. AC build up and sell great bikes and have taken the initiative to showcase a new technology. I have no probs with either their approach or CT publishing it. Where else are you going to see this? If its your local shop then you live near better shops than me.
      Clickbait implies a degree of deception – I can’t see any deception here. Plus, the bikes are pretty nice.

      • velomonkey

        F. U. for making me click something to respond. Hack.

    • We always put a full disclosure statement on articles where there are commercial arrangements. There are none with AC. They simply take the time to photograph some beautiful bikes that we think you guys would find interesting. We don’t do clickbate.

      • velomonkey

        ^^^^^ Then answer me this, Wade? Why did I have to click to respond? Also, Wade – how can a bike that was photographed in the past and clearly exists in the present be a bike of the future? Does AC have a time travel machine? I know SF is known for tech companies – are they a google beta tester for a time machine. If so, can I get an invite? Also, I think I speak for the group – no one finds that Orbea interesting. ATMO. Lastly, do you have the time machine – cause you deleted my comment that was made in the past. Amazing. ATMO.

        • a m

          Best. Post. Ever.

        • You misread the word ‘future’, which I didn’t even anticipate. ‘Future’ means that the bikes haven’t left the shop yet and aren’t part of the bunch yet.

          And yes, I deleted your comment because you were rude and added nothing to the conversation except for trying to provoke an argument. We don’t need people like you here if that’s what you’re going to do. I spend 16hrs a day working on this site and building a community of positive readers and intelligent dialogue. Please feel free to go to CyclingNews if you want to keep that up.

          • velocite

            I didn’t see the original comment, but as a straightforward statement of comment policy that was totally apt and welcome.

        • jules

          you need to chill out.

          how is the seat post on that Orbea?

        • Jaybo

          i find the Orbea interesting, you don’t speak for me.

        • Dr Sheldo

          I’m assuming this post is fully tongue in cheek. Clever.

          • 900Aero

            Possibly was – but you missed the deleted direct personal insult (to me) that preceded it. That wasn’t clever.
            Rocklando’s comment above/below is clever.

        • roklando

          I know!! borrow the Google Shmoogle Beta Silicon Valley time machine, go back in time and don’t read the piece….take the blue pill.

    • All I can see when I look at this piece is the effort that was made by everybody involved. Nobody was handing out checks to make this happen. Sure, it helps to raise awareness for all of the brands/companies involved, including CT, but it saddens me to see when any of our readers feel as if we’re trying to take advantage of them.

      Clearly, we’ve failed to meet your expectations. I get that. It’s like buying a new car only to find that it doesn’t have the new car smell (or worse). But consider this: of all the businesses that you engage or interact with, how many strive to deliver something for nothing? I’m happy to refund the full amount that you paid to be disappointed by this post.

      • 900Aero

        Matt, you guys have done a great job in my view. AC do fantastic stuff, thanks for showcasing it here.
        WRT the monkey boy, lets not waste any more time……..

      • dsd74

        I’d rather read CT’s alleged “click-bait” than the vast majority of articles on other sites, so keep up the good work.

      • philipmcvey

        Matt – I think the majority of readers are just fine with sponsored posts and are able to decide for themselves whether we spend our money with AC. I really don’t see what the problem is.. you’re putting something out there for us that’s interesting and attractive. You’re not forcing us to read it or fall over ourselves to buy from anyone. It’s truly baffling that anyone would be annoyed about it.. unless of course they can’t trust themselves to not buy every product put in front of them. In which case it’s absolutely their problem.

    • philipmcvey

      Ever heard of the concept of ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’? Why would you expect this beautifully photographed piece to be delivered to you on a plate with no strings attached? Let’s assume you have free will – you can then click on this, enjoy the piece and give not one cent of your hard earned to Above Category. I don’t see the issue with ‘click bait’ if you don’t actually part with some cash.

  • John Czechowski

    So, the downside of the globalisation of Cyclingtips is the comments from the angry axe grinders who see conspiracy everywhere. God, they’re tiresome.

  • tedder42

    no hydraulic levers or I’d be first in line. le sigh.

    • 900Aero

      I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that hydraulics are coming later on as they expand the range.

      • tedder42

        yeah, I think I read that too. It makes sense- but I want it now :)

      • Bicycle Tech

        We spotted some SRAM engineers riding on hydraulic e-Tap during the World Championships in Richmond. It will definitely be available, but they said that it will be a long while before it hits the market so that they can do thorough testing.

    • velocite

      My next bike will be E-tap Wifli with hydraulic discs, and will be perfect. The good news is I can anticipate it for a year or so, ie I don’t have to buy it immediately.

  • singlespeedscott

    The frame routing may look a bit more tidy but the derailleurs themselves are no the most attractive. I would also expect a bike toting the latest in shifting tech to be equipped with the latest in braking tech

  • Alex L

    That Orbea is super tidy (all of the bikes are). But the uneven valve stem lengths and the lump of steerer penis are giving me nightmares. Please circumcise it neow!

    Also, call me a pedant, but i’m not crazy on the externally routed rear brake on the Baum. Internal routing and tidyness to me is the point of these builds.

    • Nath

      Can you route cables internally on a titanium frame? Personally i prefer the external routing as it maintains that classic look while still having the benefits of eTap. You say potato…..


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September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017