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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • Marc Metzger

    ouch… Shimano Pro Stem. Keep it clean :-)

    • Joannecpeterson3

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    • Vanessawbell1

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  • CC

    Thanks Matt, I agree with your thoughts on Chorus. Except perhaps the calipers, are Record still bearings vs Chorus bushes in this update?

    • Yes, Record calipers use bearings compared to bushes for Chorus calipers. It’s also worth noting that spare parts for the levers are now limited to the blades and thumb buttons for Chorus, Record and Super Record.

      • CC

        wow, times are changing @ campy ! thanks Matt

    • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

      just keep your 2007 Chorus 1. gen skeleton calipers – they’ve still got the bearings :-) – i kept mine when i bought a new 2015 Chorus groupset last summer.

      Chorus 2007-2008 calipers = Record 2009-2016 calipers, the only difference is the classic silver finnish.
      Record 2007-2008 calipers are identical to the current SR 2009-2016 calipers with the titanium hardware…

  • Brendo

    So… it’s expensive and a poor upgrade… but gets 8.6?

    • Well it is awesome.

    • Form and function trumps price in our scoring system. Not to worry, Chorus is Campagnolo’s real value for money groupset. I’ve just retired my 10-speed Chorus groupset from 2007 after an honourable service record.

      • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

        me too my 2007 Chorus (from september 2006) needed a new driveside ultratorque bearing and new chainrings + i needed new chain, casette and the FD clamp had given in. Decided to use a bonus for a new Chorus groupset for last summer.

        but i kept the brake calipers, no need to change them.

    • winkybiker

      You’re missing the point by thinking of it as a potential “upgrade” (where something perfectly functional is thrown away for something better, just because it is supposedly better). This simply isn’t that level of revolution/evolution. It’s not a game changer. So what? There’s no way that I would replace the perfectly good 4 year old Super Record on my current bike with this for some sort of marginal improvement, but when I get a new bike, I’d be disappointed if the groupset hadn’t improved over the intervening 7 or 8 years. Whatever SR is like in future when I get a new bike, it will likely be on my list for consideration.

      And yeah, it’s expensive.

  • Søren Nejmann

    That frame is so freaking sexy!

    • Sean parker

      I was thinking how freaking ugly it is… could the lines of the frame be any lumpier?

      Lugs? it’s 2016…. The headtube cluster looks like it was designed by a committee at NASA. If you’re going to buy a shockingly overpriced frame it should at least be pretty.

      I had one of these in the 90’s:

      wasn’t pretty then, ain’t pretty now. Aesthetically, carbon fibre should flow.

      • Chris

        It’s almost like different people have different tastes…

        • Søren Nejmann

          Haha.. I’m with Chris here ;-) Some like the new Venge Vias and some like a classic Colnago..

        • Sean parker

          I know. lucky we get to express both.

          Ok so the frame has a kind of purposeful, brutalist aesthetic. But it’s as pretty as an aircraft carrier.

          • philipmcvey

            I think Aircraft carriers have a certain utilitarian attraction! Purposeful is the right word… I like it. The purpose is not pleasant, but they look right for the job. Just like this bike.

            I take your point about the lugs, but surely one of the things that makes a top end Colnago what it is are the lugs. Drop the lugs and it’s not a top end Colnago any more. From all the reviews this frame works spectacularly well for the intended purpose.

      • Søren Nejmann


    • Luke Bartlett

      i concur

  • Haris Tacxman

    Totally unessessary and marketing-driven “overhall”, leaves us pre-2015 owners in dispair… Of course we do not want to shift to 2015 super record, but, what happens in case for example a frond derailler fails, we will have to spend 2500 $ to buy the complete groupset?

    • I haven’t tested how 2015 derailleurs behave with 2009-14 shifters but I don’t think the FD will be much of an issue since earlier shifters have the continuous ratchet shifting action. Worst-case? You might have to resort to buying NOS stock off eBay to keep a pre-2015 groupset running but you won’t ever HAVE to buy the new groupset.

    • Ladders

      I’m using my Pre 2015 record levers with a 2015 rear chorus mech front mech and it works ok. Not tried all new kit to compare but its certainly usable!

    • John Carter

      Of course not. You just buy a NOS 2014 derailleur. They are in plentiful supply, and will be for some time. It’s still possible to buy pre-2011 Record and Super Record parts if you look hard enough.

    • winkybiker

      if you’re really bothered, buy some spares now and put them aside. The advantage of this new set is that pre 2015 stuff is now a lot less expensive. Look around for deals on usual sites. Campag also have a pretty good history of keeping parts and spares for legacy systems, although my Campag stuff has been so ridiculously reliable over the years, its hardly been an issue.

  • thepeasant

    Hi Matt, is this Colnago the long awaited personal bike upgrade we’ve all been waiting for? :)

    • Nope (nothing against the C60, though).

    • Sam

      We are all on the edge of our seat awaiting the big reveal, esp coming from a guy who have ridden them all, is not constraint by team sponsorship and have to spend his own money.

  • Looks amazing…now how to convince the wife that I need to replace the current Super Record bike.

  • fignon’s barber

    As usual, nice balanced review with great photos. Personally, I’ve used Chorus since 1989. In 2013, I treated myself to Super Record on 2 bikes. While SR looks a bit better, as for function and durability (ie. racing) , I would take Chorus regardless of cost savings. I have found Chorus to have a far longer lasting cassette, smoother sounding chain, and over time the crankset spins better ( bearings have seal, sr’s fancy bearings don’t).

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    “…the entire peloton has essentially migrated to electronic transmissions.” I can think of some high-profile riders who would put a dent in that claim – How ’bout Vincenzo Nibali and Fabian Cancellara?

    • John Carter

      I’ve seen Nibali on EPS this season. I don’t know if he’s riding it exclusively but he’s definitely been using it.

      • Dave

        Perhaps he was thinking of Contador, not Nibali.

        Then there’s the Rotor hydraulic shifting that some of the riders on Dimension Data for Qhubeka are using.

    • Arfy

      Doesn’t the electromagnetic emissions of the hidden motor interfere with the electronic shifting? (Oh, it’s not Friday. Am I allowed to say that?)

    • David_Streever_CT

      Cancellara has not migrated to electronic transmission, only electronic motor

  • Chiwode

    Fantastic review. Thank you. Especially agree with two points. The new cranks move from the traditional overall gruppo elegance – which is what initially drew me to Campy – to an almost Soviet brutalist aesthetic. When the time comes for a new bike or drivetrain, I’ll have to just deal with it. But that brings me to the other point… SR lasts forever. Love to compare with other SR users, but I’ve gotten just a ridiculous amount of kms on chains and cassettes. In the long run, SR is actually not just high performance and beautiful, it’s a good value.

    • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

      and when SR finaly waers out – Chorus keeps going.

      IN MY HUMBLE OPINION Chorus groupset in any variations is by far the most durable groupset on the market. (ive owned 88, 84, 96, 98, 07 and 15 chorus groupsets – those i havent sold or that has not been stolen have ben running for +10 years incl the last years of service durring scandinavian winter commutes).

      • Chiwode

        I wouldn’t know about SR wearing out, because it hasn’t yet, but you’re right about Chorus. My 10 year old Chorus is buttery smooth. Only problem was some broken internal mech in the right ergo a few years ago.

  • kasual

    Well written and thought out review. For a guy who rides SRAM, I would like to try some modern Campy someday.

    Can’t imagine wanting to move a single pivot rear calliper for any amount of weight savings, and I’m sure they’re minor. Also a pain to keep dialed in.

    • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

      single pivot will more or less self allign the brame if your frame or wheel flexes a bit. Secondly the rear single pivot offers a high degree of modulation and brake power is sufficient and more that adiqute to lock you rear wheel. I dont see any reason to have a dual pivot rear brake.

      • kasual

        Intersting. I have never had a good experience with a single pivot brake, in either self-alignment, power, or modulation vis-a-vis a dual pivot unit. I thought that was the reason that dual pivot units became the standard. Anyways, my point is, I can’t imagine the weight difference being so significant I would want the trade off.

        • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

          The brake power of a dual pivot is only required in the front. the rear single pivot rear has sufficient power to lock up the rear wheel of 100kg rider down Galibier. Dual pivot rear is overkill and an overconstructed component, it just adds complexity to you bike.

          • kasual

            Last time I had a single pivot calliper was the BR1050 Shimano 105 units. I never had enough power in the rear to lock up the wheel, but I wouldn’t want that anyway. I just prefer the self- centring and mechanical advantage of a dual pivot. Like I said, never ridden modern campy, so maybe those units have it sorted out.

            • Morten Reippuert Knudsen

              If i recall those single pivot unit dates back to late 80’ies – they where not impressive, flexy as hell copared to the dureace 7400 or superbe pro’s – and the busings whore out fast – the SLR levers where ok though.

              Back then i had the campagnolo athena D500 single pivots (not the monoplaner later inherited later from 1.gen Chorus. I actually bought a NOS vintage D500 set last year because i remembered that they where really god.

              They still are, even by modern standards. Im suprised by the power (if applied with enogh force) and modulation with the original small black soft campy bloks – I rode them a week in Tuscany in october (incl the L’Eroica Giaole) and a few days arround Naples incl. Vesuvio.
              Even in heavy rain going downhill the D500 pack lots of power and supiror modulation compared to modern Campy or Shimano dual pivot brakes with modern levers. With the original 1988 levers you need to apply a lot of power to brake hard though.

              I rode the same rims with modern Campy Chorus dual/single pivots and modern Campy brake blocks last summer for 14 weeks in from Munich to venice (gross glockner, south-tyrol dolomites, stelvio, grappa etc.) – and my honest opinion is that the 1988 D500 single pivots offers better modulation and lots of power – but you need to apply a lot of force to brake hard, which is less that ideal if youre a child, woman or a 60kg male. Someday i’ll try out the d500’s with a modern ergopower levers.

              I also recall the Mavic SSC 450 single pivots where quite decent (Modolo OEM, also used for Sachs New Success and Edco’s mid-early 90’s groupsets). Not as powerfull as the D500 though but they compared well to Campagnolo Chorus 1996 Dual Pivots. They outperformed dualpivot 1.gen Shimano RX100’s which where identical to the original dualpivot 105’s.

              • kasual

                Cool. Now that you mention it, I did briefly run the single pivot DA7400 brakes, but quickly swapped them for modern 105 units. I’m sure there’s nothing wrong with them per se. I just happen to like having to apply less pressure to get power (I’m 6’3 / 180) as my hands eventually start to fatigue. Anyways, thanks for the run down. Happy riding!

  • Andy B

    I’ve got 2015 Record – just a few questions you may be able to help with
    -Is it possible to trim the front derailleur when on the big ring (inward) without it dropping straight into the small ring?
    – is shifting always a kind of weighty/crunchy click (no actual crunch just feel) it just seems a notable amount more effort than Dura-ace

    Wondering if mines a matter of needing a tune or if Campag is always like this (first time ive had it)

    Love the looks of the groupset and it suits my pinarello nicely
    Just feels a bit more fiddly and harder to shift than DA9000 ?

    • Hi Andy, there’s no trim on the big ring, the first click is a downshift to the small ring. Campagnolo’s shift mechanism is heavier than Dura Ace, each click is much more obvious. It will get lighter and smoother as the groupset wears in.

      • Andy B

        Thanks Matt
        I will continue to ride and wear it in (wont be a chore)

  • MushieG

    Why does having a 5 bolt pattern prevent you from changing to a compact set up. Unless they purposely only put 4 bolt holes in the smaller chain rings?

    • Pre 2015 groupsets, Campagnolo cranks had two different BCD sizes. Each BCD size catered for specific chainring sizes, i.e. you can go from 50 to 52 but not 50 to 53. If you ran 53 and wanted a compact, you need to change the entire crankset. The 2015 four bolt pattern addressed this issue.

      • Stirrer

        You seem to know a lot about Compacts…? Next you’ll be talking about the Bento Box you have on your top tube.

        • you just read my mind :-)

          • Stirrer


            I see a man with sideburns larger than his ability spinning his way up the mountain…

            • Well I may not be Merckx but I sure can look good on my Campy compact. As Campy says #thoseintheknow and sideburns are in vogue.

  • Arfy

    This is probably a Campag newbie question, but does the electronic groupset automatically take care of the front derailleur trim position based on the rear derailleur position?

    • yes

      • Arfy

        Thanks, that’s a great feature. If I ever get over being a cheapskate I’ll definitely consider Campag for my next bike, great shifting, reliable, and gets better with age. Something I should aspire to!

        • The zero trim in the big chain ring is fantastic, it almost feels like EPS. Shifter ergonomics is the best in class. :-)

  • Cynic

    I like the way the crank arm on the big ring looks scratched already in the first pic, saves Hubbards the trouble of doing it on the cafe wall.

  • Tim

    Great photos, love the shots on the gabion retaining walls. Were the coloured ‘rocks’ glass?

    • Yes they were. I couldn’t get started on the pics fast enough once I came across them!

  • Laurens

    Funny opening line that. Imagine a doctor telling you should live a healthy life for 50 years more, give or take a few decades ;-)

    • Stirrer

      That reminds me of the man who walks into the doctor’s office wearing underpants made out of cling film.

      Doctor says, “I can clearly see your’re nuts..”

  • MadBlack

    A groupset ‘overhaul’ in 2015 and no hydraulic disc brake??? Always 7 years behind the times…

  • MadBlack

    A groupset ‘overhaul’ in 2015 and no hydraulic disc brake??? Always 7 years behind the times…

  • Rob Kalinowski

    Matt, please advise what model handlebars are on this bike

  • Clarence

    Doesn’t the limiter rod that blocks the thumb lever from doing all 3 clicks at once (in the left/FD shifter) render a chain catcher redundant? Have any of you experienced a chain drop even with this feature?


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