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  • Legstrong

    Why was Froome the only one that had a bike? Everybody else didn’t get the memo?

    • They all brought their bikes but they were stashed just around the corner.

  • Nitro

    Looks like they should have hidden a wooden box behind Fromme’s bike for Caleb Ewan to stand on…

    But in all seriousness – does go to show that size (or at least height) isn’t a limiting factor for being a pro…

    • Andy B

      i’m not sure size effects ability to go pro, it would however seem to effect the style of rider you are and what races you excel in

  • Sean

    Sky are going to be pretty hard to beat.

  • Rocket

    Poor photo form from Froome.
    Pedals should have been at the 3 – 9 position.

    • Hamish Moffatt

      Is that bird poo on his back wheel?

      • bigstu_

        think its an electrical wire!

        • Carol Adkins

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  • Robert Merkel

    If not Froome – who?

    There’s always the possibility of the peloton going to sleep and letting a breakaway 20 minutes up the road, but assuming that doesn’t happen…

    Henao? Haig, maybe? Any other thoughts?

    • De Mac

      What about Nathan Earl??? I’d like to see him win in Drapac colours!


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