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  • alexroseinnes

    Would love to know the full Kennaugh/Avanti story.

    • Benjamin

      A Herald Sun reporter tweeted that an Avanti rider who has the initials
      of PS supposedly called Kennaugh a c*@t during the stage.

    • Paul

      Story here, allegedly P Shaw heard Kennaugh tell Sky to chase Froome down and Shaw had a go at him about it:

      • Daniel

        Shaw should publicly apologise, this is a stain on what was a great week of racing. This race has a lot of potential to get back to what it was, perhaps he prefers racing in front of 50 people in the middle of nowhere.

        • CB

          Not a good look for Shaw (or PK for that matter) perhaps when you consider he is ultimately chasing a contract with a world tour team. That said, we haven’t heard his side of things yet.

          • Sean

            Huh? PK has one already and shawry will retire at the end of the year.

            • CB

              My bad, got that wrong, I must’ve been thinking of someone else. Too many beers after watching the coverage perhaps!

        • Abdu

          Hang on, Kennaugh launches at Shaw, grabs him and gets in his face after the race and it is Shaw who should publicly apologise?

          Having a look at CT’s Instagram clip of the incident, it’s lucky Kennaugh didn’t get more ‘feedback’.

          Seems to me Avanti were racing to win, just because Team Sky thinks it can dictate what the rest of the peloton does, doesn’t mean everyone should kowtow to them.

          Good on Pat & Avanti for not bending over.

          • Daniel

            I was 20m away from it, you seem to be overlooking what preceeded it. If Avanti were racing to win they stuffed it up completely. Cooper was no chance of beating Froome on the climb so he should of sat up and there is nothing stopping Avanti from getting on the front of the peloton to catch them.

            • Tim Rowe

              WTF? Why should a team sit up? How is that in the spirit of the sport or rules, or racing to the best of your ability?

              • Dave

                Once Cooper realised he could not win or achieve any other significant gain on offer, I don’t see any ethical problem in him sitting up (or sitting in) instead continuing to drive a break that didn’t have anything for him.

      • Samaway

        Have you seen any articles that confirm Shaw was in fact upset about about chasing Froome? Shaw’s “I don’t know how you sleep at night, you’re disgusting” (the comment according to Kennaugh) sounds suspiciously vague…

        • David Bonnett

          A bit more here: http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/kennaugh-and-shaw-involved-in-altercation-at-jayco-herald-sun-tour/

          Not sure it has any more validity than the Sun-Herald story but one would suspect there might be more to it than a last stage incident.

          • Samaway

            Agreed – I can’t but think about Armstrong’s numerous on-the-road spats with other riders. Kennaugh is no Armstrong, to be sure, though he does ride on a team that’s probably the contemporary equivalent of US Postal in terms of techno-scientific approach, dominance of the TDF, and aggressive “we are clean” campaign

  • Jason E
  • Simon

    Froome wins the sandbagging award for the tour. He sat on Cooper the whole way to the base of the climb ostensibly to protect Kennaugh but was by then already leader on the road. Did not even do a turn with someone not even a remote threat. (Cooper was going to implode within 100 meters of the climb anyway.) Fair enough you’d think but then admits to Keenan post race that he had radioed back and go the go ahead to go for it. Questionable for someone of his class. Perhaps another reason Shaw had a go.

    • CC

      … where have I seen Froome do this before?

    • CB

      He (CF) had the go ahead once they hit the climb for the final time. The tactics looked spot on to me, if Kennaugh was strong enough he would’ve bridged across.

    • Deryck Walker

      Sand bagging?? Completely legit to neutralise an attack when your team has GC. No rider is going to work for another team to further that riders position against his own team mate. Perfectly normal and common tactic. Dont see what the fuss is about.

      • jules

        exactly. Froome was just policing the break. text book tactics. it’s not his fault the bunch didn’t catch him.

        • Dave

          And until he got the word that Kennaugh wasn’t a chance, it looks like he was committed to the role too.

          I don’t expect the Avanti riders to know about these advanced race tactics, growing up in a koala park is hardly a great recipe for becoming king of the jungle.

          • jules

            people need to remember Sky, like other teams, is a commercial operation. there’s no guarantee they’ll win another race this season. there’s little room to risk losing the race, just so Froome can do Kennaugh a favour and show himself to be a good teammate.

    • Daniel

      Why on earth would one of the best climbers in the world roll turns with a conti rider on a 70+km/h descent and flat roads when the gap was out to 30 seconds? Seems some people thought this was a social ride. Sky attacked on stage 1 and dropped everyone and did the pace making for most of the 5 stages. Some people don’t understand the whole point of racing is to win.

    • Ben

      What did Cooper think was going to happen when he realised Froome had his wheel.

      Cooper handed that to Froome on a plate, he would have been stupid not to take it.

  • Legstrong

    So another teammate clash? Sounds familiar in team sky. G is down the line as well.

    • Dave

      It didn’t look like that to me, more like a well-executed plan for the team to take a 1-2 result.

  • JCity

    Shawry has always been hot headed. Bot in the least bit suprised

  • Gordon

    So is it just me or is this a storm in a teacup (Shaw/Kennaugh) made big by a guy not happy with a team making sure they get 1/2. I would have thought it was obvious before the stage that either of the Sky riders would come in first and second.

    IMHO Sky wanted results. They got them. Good on them, or am I oversimplifying this?

  • Ben

    I suspect it may have been a sneaky last minute attempt for Avanti to take out the Teams Classification, which they lost by only 7 seconds.

    Sounds like they were frustrated that it didn’t work. Kennaugh and Sky holding the gap or even chasing would have thwarted that.

  • Jimmy Millers

    What a great day it’s was and thanks cycling tips for the refreshments. Really enjoyed the racing and the ride there and back

    • jules

      yes it was great to ride down with the CT bunch, said g’day to Wade who pleaded with me to ease up on the comments and then I quickly slipped back in the bunch as I can’t help myself

  • flx

    Estonian champ won?

  • Damien Cook

    The Coke on ice ay CT corner was the perfect compliment to a great day. Nothing like it really. Thanks Wade and CT team.

  • Teams and riders, often have aggro amongst themselves, on the road. Using the “C” bomb, isn’t abnormal or unusual. Kennaugh might be snaky, but in sure he’s heard worse, and it’s no big deal. Harden up tinkerbell

  • nick

    I can’t help but think that a Kennaugh victory would have been more valuable to Sky, and the correct outcome for a younger rider who’s obviously on form and whose star is rising. Who cares if Froome wins a 2.1 race without any of his actual rivals in the mix? It’s almost worse that he won.

    • pedr09

      Agree. After all the “pay him back for all the incredible work he does for me all year” talk after stage 1, and PK obviously strong enough to beat everyone else in the race, I thought Froome was going to pace him up the last ascent to victory. That would have been a nice thing to do…

  • Ross

    Like Cookson, I still find it a little odd that Froome and rest of SKY travel all the way to Australia and choose to race Sun Tour over TDU.

    • Sky raced the TDU (as they’re obliged to as a WorldTour team). Froome’s reason for not doing the TDU is that he’s always started his season in February so doing the TDU would be just a little bit too early. Plus, he wanted to spend an extra week with his newborn son.

      • Adam

        Team ‘Sky’ (Murdoch’s), ‘Herald Sun’ (Murdoch’s), Was it part of his last contract negotiations perhaps? (kids story aside)

        • Dave

          You can count on that being a consideration, compared to having him race in the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana and Wout Poels (less of a marketing drawcard) race in the Herald Sun Tour.

          They aren’t the only team to make decisions with sponsorship in mind, Europcar was notorious for focusing on races where the company also held sponsorship contracts with the race organisers.

      • Dave

        In addition to starting a week and a half later, it also needs to be considered that his three week pre-season training block in Adelaide was only sufficient for having an easy race as his season opener after such a long off-season break.

        To put in a credible performance at the TDU would have required him to start his pre-season training block two weeks earlier, not one.

    • Daniel

      Better race profile for someone like Froome. Sun Tour could capitalize on what Victorian roads can offer over SA roads. More big names go to San Luis than do TDU.

      • Dave

        The big names who go to San Luis roll around to collect an appearance fee instead of actually racing. Most of them will do their main pre-season training block *after* rolling around there, not before it!

        Froome was definitely here for the SA roads, he spent three weeks here as his main pre-season training block before going over to Victoria for a quick four stage race to finish his trip. Adelaide is quickly turning into the place to be for pre-season training!

        • jules

          most of the foreign field seemed to take the opportunity to ride back to Melbs yesterday too.

        • Daniel

          Not trying to get into Vic V SA pissing contest but whats the longest climb in SA? 4 or 5K? Vic roads can potentially offer a few climbs up to 10k without travelling to the Alps. Think the fact that Froome’s teammates were all in SA may have played a part in why he was there. Both races can work together to attract better fields for both.

          • Dave

            There’s a few options for 10km climbs within half an hour of Adelaide, plus plenty of options for repeats. But there’s also a hell of a lot more to a pro-level training plan than just finding the biggest hill possible and riding it.

            If the Herald-Sun race was as hard as the TDU in both the course and the competition, it would not have been so suitable as Froome’s season opener and Sky would have used more of the TDU squad while Froome went to Spain for the race that Poels won.

            I don’t think there’s any need for the TDU and HST to be cooperating if it goes as far as appearance fees. For teams that race in Melbourne afterwards (or bring their riders from the pre-season crits there) the travel and accomodation costs are effectively split already.

  • julian

    A bit disappointed with Channel nines coverage of the 2nd and 3rd places as they crossed the line, they only focused on Froome and missed the last sprint…. ;-(

  • MushieG

    What was Froomes time up Arthurs Seat? I doubt I would have made it to the 1st hair pin by the time he got to the top.

    • Cam

      Around the 8:40 ish on the final climb up. Johnathen Clark posted a time of 8:29 and closed the gap a bit. Still a bit off the current Strava KOM set on last years tour. The Second time up would have been around the 8:30 – 8.40 mark also, as Joe Coopers Strava time up when they broke off the front was at 8:36.

      • Robert Merkel

        Thought so. Didn’t think Froome was anywhere near full gas up Arthur’s Seat.

      • Ryder

        Careful interpreting those strava times- Jonathan Clark’s 8:29 you quote would not have been on the final lap as that segment extends to the summit car park (current KOM Canty 7:54), however, the finish line was prior to Purves road. For segments finishing prior to Purves Rd the times are much closer- Clark 7:35 to Canty 7:31. So seeing it takes 23 seconds for Canty to get to the true summit from Purves Rd, Clark was on pace for a 7:58.


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