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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017
  • DangerDirte

    I have mixed feelings about these commentary pieces. They remind me of a watered-down version of the rants found over on PEZ cycling (which detract from the site).

    • Samaway

      How many of these half-baked editorials on the same topic are they going to post?!

      • winkybiker

        This isn’t so much an editorial as a comedy piece. But even then, I don’t find it that funny.

        • Josh Owen Morris

          agreed. As anyone who it has happened to will no doubt tell you, cycling into a tunnel painted onto the side of a wall is no laughing matter.

  • bikeinbc

    If this opinion piece accuses motodopers as being lazy dopers I think its them appropriate to accuse this author of being a lazy writer too. How about some facts if you want to make such a simplistic comparison. Watts gained are watts gained. Both cheating takes concealment, require risk taking, and maybe watch the docu “Catch me if you can”, for eg, before stating drug testing is working. What are the advantages gained with a motor vs weight penalty, batteries have a finite life? What are the 24/7 advantages of a difficult to detect micro dosing program? Both are cheating to gain advantage, both reward the cheaters and negatively affect those who play by the rules, both ruin the ability to believe in what we are seeing. So far just a 19 y/old girl has been found with a motor, wonder what articles would be written if a WT Pro had been caught? Doping has become way too normalized and a lot of fans and writers still out there worshiping the chemical dopers.

  • Darth Cycling Snob

    You guys wouldn’t know sarcasm if it jumped on you and gave you a lapdance.

    • 900Aero

      I agree – I thought it was pretty funny. C’mon everyone, its humour.

      • Simon

        The difference is that it may appeal to an American’s sense of humour with the reference to their comic icons. For Australians and possibly Brits, it’s too in your face ie obvious and lacks the drier wit than we usually find funnier. Personally I didn’t find it funny but so what, the next article may have me in stitches. I hope.

        • JBS

          Spot on. Humour is as much in the perception of the audience as the writer. Personally, it was too blatant for my tastes. The writer was trying (too) hard to be funny without actually being funny.

        • jgrosser

          Nice – way to insult an entire nation. You win the internet.

      • Dave

        The problem was that it wasn’t humour, it was humor.

        Big difference.

  • meh

    Another ignorant sheep using the term “doping” embarrassingly inappropriately.

  • M. Tomolaris

    So where can I buy one of these motors? Not planning on being the next national road race champion, but I would like to do 250km bike rides, rather than the 120km I’m limited to because of my physical, err, limitations.

    • Dave

      I would recommend starting by learning to spell your own name ;-)

      250km would be overkill for any plan to take revenge on the Nine Network for taking the national road race championship TV rights, the race is only 183km long.

  • Mark

    is this the north american content? (not meant to be rude, just curious)

    • DavidS

      It seems so.

      For Australians, and certainly Melbournians, it seems the loss of regional specificity- the joy of reading the work of others re-representing and reinterpreting our lives back to us- is happening. Interesting confluence: yesterday watching Andy van Bergen do an effortless, endless, motionless track stand in Melbourne’s Southbank whilst waiting for a green light; there is a delight in there being a connection between the people we find around ourselves in such happenstance interactions and the “anonymous” content of the internet.

      My colleague who noted his flouro Cycling Tips kit asked me about that; which prompted a response that canvassed the early years of the web site, the ongoing enrichment of the site both graphically and content, but that there had been a merger with North America and now I am waiting to see if the love of the local has been lost.

      It appears it has, and I can stop waiting. However, as the phrase goes…”That’s life”.

      • MattF

        The somewhat Melbourne-centric focus of CT in the past has rankled on occasions. It pales into insignificance when compared with the Americanisation of the site. Everything from humour (vs humor, as noted above) through to measurement standards (metric vs imperial) is being challenged. Some, such as James Huang, will make the transition seamlessly. Yet to be seen for much of the rest of the American content.

      • Michael

        Yep the times they a changin’.

        The world is much bigger than Melbourne providing much more opportunities for growth of the site. As a Melbournian, I’m obviously biased, and in the minority in the scheme of things, but I no longer feel the connection here and as part of the community as I once did. It’s just another cycling site.

        Bigger and better things, which is good for many but not for some.

        • Mark

          Hope they don’t lower the bar too much. Otherwise, as you say, it’s just another one of those cycling sites.

    • Alex_nma

      It would be helpful if you were a fan of Road Runner cartoons.

  • Sean

    Its obviously a problem that’s isolated to just cyclocross, I really doubt a roadie would be able to cheat in this way.

  • Dave

    This was about as funny as Verita Stewart’s train wreck of an attempt to write a funny piece about looking good on the bike.

    Get Chloe Hosking to write a piece on this, she is actually funny.

  • mike breeze

    Yep – just a jumble of mixed metaphors. Rubbish.

  • Progress

    I’ll have to read carefully to distinguish the articles that are CT, and those I can read on velonews, from now on.

  • Yankee Doodle

    For a humo[u]rous take on the subject, allow me to recommend Lisa’s Mum, further down the page.

  • Mark Wells

    CT, keep the experiments going, but this one didn’t work

  • Zogzog

    All these people trying to get away with dumb comments, by later claiming they were just “sarcasm”.


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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017
November 15, 2017