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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017
  • Tim Ashton

    That is a very amazing sequence of events in regard to the friends bike. To think, her mechanics even got the bike and cleaned it ready for her to ride. So much coincidence!

    And the Heras thing is a bit of a joke, suing the doping authorities for loss of income while sitting out of competition on a doping ban. Face-Palm!

    • Doubt

      Anyone seen a photo of the bike? Was it done up like it was ready to race? Perhaps if it had a saddlebag, cheap clincher tyres, grubby bartape and light mounts I might believe her story. Maybe.

      • nikcee

        bike is apparently set up exactly the same as if she was still riding it. right down to all the ‘disposable’ parts and saddle height etc. such an amazing coincidence!

        • Dave

          Literally incredible!

    • Arfy

      And to think her friend didn’t go into panic when his bike disappeared from beside the team truck. I assume he calmly walked over to the bike assembly area, took her actual race bike and rode off thinking “how nice of those guys to clean my bike for me”.

    • Dave

      Doesn’t matter, the UCI rule says the offence can be proven by the presence of the bike even without the riding of it.

      The Heras case is a good example of doing why anti-doping done badly is even worse than not doing it al all.

  • Marcus

    Is Cancellara riding a Madone and not his usual Domane? Interesting…

    • Ben

      Yeah he’s been on it for a while now, I doubt they gave him much of a choice.

  • Deryck Walker

    To have Heras awarded damages on the basis the samples were stored at the wrong temp is ridiculous. He is getting off on a technicality. As far as im aware a slight variance in sample storage temp wont make the EPO markers magically appear in your urine, they are either there or they are not (maybe im being a bit hard nosed?).

    • jules

      this is yet another example of a parochial court giving a favorable judgment to a local hero figure. in Australia, we had an AFL Tribunal clear Essendon players after demanding the prosecution prove the source of banned substances the players were accused of taking. who needs the source?!! taking them is enough. we’ve been brainwashed by the majesty of these institutions, when they are sometimes little more than corrupt and self-serving.

  • Michele

    Can I counter-sue Heras on the basis the guy is a dick?


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September 26, 2017
September 25, 2017
September 24, 2017
September 23, 2017