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  • Michele

    Nico … “All I can say is that it’s my bike…” he said, declining to speak further.

    I fully understand why.

    • Sean

      It’s good this is finally resolved :-)

    • Arfy

      Don’t blame Nico, I’m sure he didn’t know she’d had a motor put in it last year either :)

      • Paolo

        Good one!

    • oh the shame

      In the very least, its social media shaming for the next 5 years for being ‘that guy that put a motor in his bike so he could keep training with the pro riders’.
      Maybe thats why hes not saying anything more..

  • Nitro

    (a) Drapac to the Rescue – good story. Needed a good news story after the (CX) events of the last couple of days…

    (b) Good to hear Michael Rogers is ok. Heart issue for someone involved in a sport as tough as this must be beyond scary…

    • Arfy

      I’d like to add (c) The CEGORR to this as well (with your permission of course!). The last few laps were exciting racing, and to see Kennaugh outclassing the in-form Aussies was a bit of a surprise at this time of year.
      A real pity it was all overshadowed by the CX controversy. Looking forward to the Jayco Herald-Sun Tour starting tomorrow!

    • jules

      heart issues are pretty common. I know people who ride with them. they just pull over when they feel the tacho bouncing off the rev limiter and hope it slows down.

      • Dave

        That would depend on which heart issue.

        Brett Aitken can basically never ride a bike again with his.

        • jules

          yeah, it does. I believe Will Walker is in a similar category. but there seem to be a range of severities.

          • Abdu

            Lots of triathletes are on that list too. Greg Welsh for one.

            Hearts aren’t meant to be in the red for hours and hours, over years.

            But to dope as well is just silly, ey..?

            • Abdu

              Not suggesting for one second Will or Brett of course.

              Not so sure about others however.

      • David Briggs

        I hope their heart management strategy comes with endorsement from a Cardiac Surgeon!

  • Cameron Harris

    Eddy Merckx has weighed in on the Femke-tron:

    “I find a motor in a bicycle worse than doping. It gives you 50 , or even 100 watts more power. That has nothing to do with cycling. That’s motocross. They have to compete with Valentino Rossi”

    Source: http://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20160201_02102715
    Translation: Google Translate

    • Michele

      Of course Eddy is going to say that.

      Its too self-deprecating otherwise.

    • Dave

      Of course it’s worse than doping.

      He was fine with doping.

    • Out of touch

      Did Eddy say it from a Sheik’s hotel lobby?

      Seriously that guy is literally sprinting away from reality and today’s pro cyclists.

      • jules

        the actual statement he’s quoted on above seems pretty reasonable though

        • Dave

          He thinks that something he doesn’t like is worse than something he does like. Seems reasonable.

  • Andy B

    Since his Australian summer last year Peter Kennaugh has been one of my favourite riders :)

    Hope to see it continue

    • Michele

      He’s a talent, no doubt.

      I think it was in 2014 that Kennaugh missed out on TdF selection. Sky suggested he was too lazy, and overweight, despite being in the squad the year before (Words of Ned Boulting).

      Since that kick up the pants, he’s really pulled his finger out. He was my tip (read: hope) for the TDU.

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  • Abdu

    Backlash coming for Wilier?

    What looked like a damage control move by their PR team, “quick! dump the girl!”, now looks like a cynical move to throw a young 22 year old under the bus…

    • jules

      can’t really blame them can you?


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