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September 21, 2017
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Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

February 4, 2016

Photography by Kristof Ramon, Tim de Waele, Cor Vos

In today’s edition of the Daily News Digest: Kittel grabs stage one of Dubai Tour; Will Clarke takes a repeat victory in the Sun Tour’s Southbank prologue; Garfoot victorious on day two of Ladies’ Tour of Qatar; Poels fastest in time trial opener to the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana; Coquard quickest on day one of Etoile de Bessèges; Kittel hails ‘best possible start’ to season; Cavendish rues second place; Brammeier on hidden motors: “Something seemed a bit weird” at Koppenbergcross; Degenkolb healing steadily, but abandons Classics aspirations; Wiggle High5’s view of stage one of the Ladies’ Tour of Qatar; Amateur takes on Museeuw, competes in race with hidden motor


Kittel grabs stage one of Dubai Tour

by Shane Stokes

He had a season to forget in 2015 but Marcel Kittel showed a clear return to form in his first race of the new season, blasting home first on day one of the Dubai Tour.

Racing in the colours of his new Etixx-QuickStep team, he launched early and held off a bid by Mark Cavendish (Dimension Data) to get past him by the line. Giacomo Nizzolo (Trek-Segafredo) beat Sacha Modolo (Lampre-Merida) and Andrea Palini (Dubai SkyDive) for third place.

The time bonuses put Kittel into the first leader’s jersey, with a four second buffer over Cavendish and an additional two over Nizzolo.

The day’s break featured six riders, namely WorldTour riders Loic Vliegen (BMC Racing Team) and Marc Soler (Movistar), plus diabetic rider Charles Planet (Novo Nordisk), Martin Mortensen (One Pro Cycling), Jesus Alberto Rubio (Al Nasr Pro Cycling Team Dubai) and Soufiane Haddi (Skydive Dubai).

Haddi won the two intermediate sprints, but was unable to use that speed in the finale as the break was hauled back with ten kilometres to go.

Stage 1: Dubai > Fujairah - Stage Result

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

1. de
Etixx - Quick Step
2. gb
Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka
3. it
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Feature image taken by Kristof Ramon at Team Lotto-Soudal’s 2016 pre-season training camp in Mallorca in December

  • Jason Friedland

    > Racing in the colours of his new Giant-Alpecin team

    Ettix Quickstep

    • Shane Stokes

      Doh, apologies! Force of habit…

      • Jason Friedland


        Maybe put forward the suggestion of a “Tips and corrections” or “Suggest edits” link at the bottom of each article? A number of tech news sites seem to be doing this now, and it avoids clogging up the comments section.

        Example: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/02/02/abc_storage_project_adrift_in_brown_ocean/

      • Sean

        @ShaneCStokes:disqus This wouldn’t have happened, if you copied and pasted articles like other sites do.

  • Sean

    What a great start for Avanti with 4 riders in the top 10!

  • Andy Logan

    As has been said, Cav stated too far back but DiData ran out of support for him. Eisel pulled off the front with 2km to go and Renshaw was no where to be seen with 500m to go. So all in all, Cav did alright. Kittel looked pretty strong though.

    • jules

      Cav showed some good speed there. maybe even faster than Kittel – although Kittel may have displayed only as much as he needed

  • horses

    I don’t mean to bang on about it – and I know advocacy isn’t something CT normally covers – but I think it would be of benefit to all cyclists in Australia if you were to do an article on the NSW Government’s crazy “Go Together” laws. With CA in support and the AGF seemingly willing to trade anything for minimum distance passing laws, it may only be a matter of time before other states go down the same route.

    The laws take effect in three weeks, and so far the awareness campaign has proven pretty well that this has nothing to do with safety and everything to do with punishing cyclists.

    Ray Rice from Bicycle NSW is talking a lot of sense on the matter if you need some well reasoned arguments against the changes, but equally interesting would be to hear from CA and the AGF about why they support the laws. CA members should be angry about this, and those who support the AGF should really be asking themselves what it is they’re actually supporting.

    • jules

      I think ol’ Dunc is a crazy cycling opponent but I kind of get how CA/AGF have taken the view that “we can live with the stupid Got The Rego laws if we get passing distance ones in return”

      • horses

        What’s the point of passing laws if no one knows about them and there’s no intention of enforcing them? They’ve given Duncan exactly what he wanted and essentially got nothing in return.

        • jules

          the experience in other states with passing laws is that enforcement is poor, but the existence and knowledge of the laws is sufficient to change a lot of drivers’ behaviour. yes, people need to know about them. that isn’t lost though – there are ways to spread that message and my bet is there will be more publicity when they are introduced. even bad publicity can be good publicity there.

          • horses

            “my bet is there will be more publicity when they are introduced”

            Unfortunately that’s the sort of blind faith that got us into this mess in the first place.

            The AGF should’ve learnt from their stupid “Two way street” campaign, which seems to have been used only as some sort of weird victim blaming exercise that infers cyclists will be safe if they earn the respect of drivers by wearing a helmet or smiling. There may have been good intentions behind the campaign, but it’s pretty clear there’s no appetite in this state for suggesting that drivers should play their part in avoiding killing cyclists.

            • jules

              this isn’t an AGF campaign. it’s a change in the law affecting all motorists. it will get publicity and it’s out of AGF’s hands – it doesn’t rely on them to drive it.

              • horses

                Right, but by getting the AGF and CA to support the changes, Duncan can (and does) claim that cyclists are in favour of compulsory ID and massively increased fines. They might as well have come out and said “We’re an unidentifiable menace constantly breaking the law, just like all the talkback callers say – punish us!”.

                Where’s publicity for the passing law going to come from? As long as he’s in charge, Duncan Gay’s department certainly isn’t interested in telling anyone about it, and if it’s not going to be enforced then the media certainly won’t take much interest.

                The passing laws would have had to happen sooner or later anyway, agreeing to the other stuff just discourages cycling and puts us in a weaker position for any future “negotiations”. “Oh, you want a new bike lane? Well we can do that, but cyclists are hard to see, you’ll all have to wear high vis from now on…”

    • Gavin Adkins

      I have a real problem with CA getting involved in this at all. I don’t think it’s properly part of their remit. If you want to race in a sanctioned road or track race in Australia, you don’t have any choice, you have to be a CA member. It’s not an advocacy group like AGF or Bicycle Network where you don’t have to join. CA have publicly taken an advocacy position on something essentially unrelated to racing, without consulting members, and you can’t say ‘stuff you guys’, tear up your membership and still race. CA should get on with running bike racing.

      • jules

        I’d take a slightly different line – they should either do it properly or not at all. Opportunistically offering opinions ad hoc isn’t particularly authoritative, credible or helpful.

      • Anna Irvine

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  • Simon

    Enjoyed the vid on motors although not understanding Flemish. Spotless workshop at 5.05 with one of those hydraulic bike hoists. Want!

  • Sam Young

    That overhead shows just how far Cav had to go to get around. He’s six wheels back when Kittel’s last lead-out peels off. I think we’ll have some interesting sprint match-ups this season. Can’t wait.

    • Mark Blackwell

      Yep, I think this is going to be a great year of sprinters (old guard and new challengers)… but Cav did spend quite a lot of time in Kittel’s draft, making it look closer than it really was

  • Timbuktoo

    I had to laugh how, in the “motor” bike video at 4:00, the bike frame is labelled “Spartacus”! Just a little dig there!!! As an aside, that workshop is friggin awesome.

    • Shane Stokes

      Was wondering who would spot that :D I saw it yesterday, thought it was quite funny…

  • Hamish Moffatt

    How did the Ladies Herald Sun Tour go?


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017