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July 22, 2017
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Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

February 5, 2016


In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Viviani wins stage 2 of the Dubai Tour, takes overall lead; Van Dijk claims stage 3 of the Ladies Tour of Qatar; Kennaugh and Froome take Sky one-two at the Jayco Herald Sun Tour; Dan Martin claims first win in Etixx-QuickStep colours; The map-makers – Designing the Tour de France route; Launching into the sky – exclusive interview with Fabio Aru; Koen de Kort’s way of deciding whether to get in a breakaway; Driver reverses at a group of cyclists; Highlights from stage 2 of the Ladies Tour of Qatar; What you might have missed.


Viviani wins stage 2 of the Dubai Tour, takes overall lead

by Matt de Neef

Elia Viviani (Sky) has won a crash-marred second stage of the Dubai Tour, taking the overall lead in the process. Viviani’s fellow Italians Sacha Modolo (Lampre-Merida) and Giacomo Nizzolo (Trek-Segafredo) were second and third respectively.

Dubai Tour 2016 - stage 2

“Yesterday I opened my sprint too early and was left alone with no teammate with 1km to go,” Viviani said. “I’m less fast than sprinters like Kittel and Cavendish, so to have a chance to beat them, I need everything to be perfect.”

Stage 2 of the four-stage race featured a breakaway of four riders who got clear early in the 183km effort. But with the big sprinters keen for another dash to the line, the break was caught in the closing kilometres.

A crash at the end of an underwater tunnel inside the final kilometre appeared to scupper the chances of stage 1 winner Marcel Kittel (Etixx-QuickStep) and runner-up Mark Cavendish (Dimension Data).

“When we came out of the tunnel, a guy from skydive Dubai, I don’t know his name, he turned right and, bam. I had to brake, and it was an uphill,” Cavendish said. “It’s just sketchy. Too many risks being taken. A lot of teams… too many risks.”

Stage 2: Dubai > Palm Jumeirah - Stage Result

Thursday 4th February 2016

1. it
Team Sky
2. it
Lampre - Merida
3. it

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Today’s feature image comes from Cor Vos and was shot at the Dubai Tour.

  • Arfy

    A pity that camera’s resolution is too low to see the number plate.

    • Kieran Degan

      That’s why I have my Virb on 1080. Only get about 30 min of footage but its enough for my commute.

    • Sean

      I wonder if the driver would be jailed if found?

    • jules

      don’t confuse the rendered footage you’re watching with what may be available from the raw footage. this incident was in the news and I thought I read they had the number plate

      • Arfy

        I hope so. I just remember that the Fly6 I used to have wasn’t very good for recognising number plates. That was before it jumped out of its mount and smashed on the road when riding over a few cobbles. Sort of glad I don’t have it now.

        • jules

          a lot of number plates are just not easily recognisable. faded, dark ambient light, on an angle.

        • sdf

          errrrr you are glad you dont have a camera, should something happen to you? that makes no sense.

          • Arfy

            Didn’t say I don’t have a camera, just not a Fly6. The video was poor (maybe they improved it on the later model) and it jumped out of the mount on more than one occasion until it finally met its demise. There are better cameras out there.

          • jules

            I wouldn’t go without a camera these days. everyone needs to experience the Chief Wiggum-esque pantomime that goes with reporting near-death driving incidents and police calmly explaining why it was somehow all your fault

        • Roj

          Love my Fly6. Have reported at least 3 close passes and had the police ring the drivers for a stern warning. My choice not to proceed with a fine as i am hoping they will rething their actions once they know they are being filmed.
          Cannot wait for the Fly12 either

      • chris

        I can safely say they have the number plate, I have seen it

  • Is there some change with the format of race results? Instead of times for the first riders (in the right hand column), it looks like points. But then further down – eg, position 9 in the Ladies’ Tour of Qatar – it’s back to time gaps.

    • Bex

      yeah this is confusing to me, can’t tell time gaps for the first few. in the mens CEGORR the points looked like it went do for about 30 positions. who knows who finished in what groups then.

      • Dave

        They don’t correspond to the UCI points either.

  • Roger That

    Wow, I hope this controlling riders in races via Twitter takes off. This is more fun than watching a rider (from a family that steals parrots) ride a motorised bike in the mud!

    • Nitro

      All good, until someone (probably Simon Cowell) works out that he can make money out of this…”Phone 1902 123 456 to have your rider attack now – the phone lines are open!”

    • Dave

      With the problem of the sport looking like a video game played by sporting directors at times, maybe turning it into a reality TV show played by the fans is not actually a step backwards.

    • jules

      they’ve sort of tried it in tennis but instead of Twitter its based around online gambling sites

      • Dave

        In soccer they have a bloke there who makes sure that only those controls approved by the governing body can influence the game. He’s called the referee.

  • RayG

    I thought Warnie was in South Africa. Maybe he had a stop over in Perth. Maybe it proves that IACGMOOH is not on short delay, after all.

  • MikeP

    Ladies Tour of Qatar – I realise that there aren’t usually a lot of spectators for races in this region, but the finish line for the Ladies tour of Qatar was as desolate as the landscape they raced through! The organisers spend so much money getting races to come to the region, at least they could rent-a-crowd too?

  • Dave

    A good second place celebration is a joy to behold, but celebrating the win when leading a group in for third place takes it to the next level.

    It’s by far the best case for banning team-to-rider radio transmissions. They could easily be replaced with a GPS transponder offering three call buttons for service alongside the team car, mechanical aid on the side of the road and an emergency button for a crash.

  • Simon

    As potentially bad was the driver’s reversing into the riders, the Melbourne Age had footage yesterday of a British cyclist left groaning in agony after he was rear ended. Very upsetting to listen to his attempts at breathing while he is prone on the ground as they drove off! His camera footage recorded clearly the whole thing including plate details but police have decided not to take action. He was left with severe back injuries requiring months of rehab etc. They did sympathise with him though.

    • Chris

      “They did sympathise with him though.”

      Oh that’s nice.

    • Andy Logan

      This happened in 2014 I believe.


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July 22, 2017
July 21, 2017
July 20, 2017
July 19, 2017