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September 25, 2017
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Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

February 12, 2016

In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Kristoff wins a second stage at the Tour of Qatar, Cavendish back into the overall lead; Daryl Impey wins his fifth South African time trial title; Boasson Hagen deflated after double puncture costs him the Tour of Qatar lead; Specialized announces layoffs and realignment; Why UCI teams have to pay a bank guarantee; Keep up with local cycling events with Bicycle Calendar; Brim Brothers launch wearable powermeter; Video – Disc-brake equipped wheel change only slightly slower than normal.

Kristoff wins a second stage at the Tour of Qatar, Cavendish back into the overall lead

by Matt de Neef

Alexander Kristoff has taken out his second stage victory at this year’s Tour of Qatar, winning the stage 4 sprint after another stellar lead-out from his Katusha team.

Kristoff accounted for Greg Van Avermaet (BMC) in the dash for the line while the Norwegian’s teammate Jacopo Guarnieri was third, preventing anyone else from taking the time bonus available on the line.

The bunch split in the final kilometre with Katusha forcing the pace in the crosswinds. Mark Cavendish (Dimension Data) and Sam Bennett (Bora-Argon18) were among the sprinters to miss out on a shot of victory as a result.

Overall leader Edvald Boasson Hagen (Dimension Data) suffered a double puncture in the last 10km, losing contact with the front group and then losing the race lead (read more below). Thankfully for Dimension Data, Mark Cavendish did enough to move back into the overall lead.

With one stage remaining, Cavendish is just two seconds ahead of Van Avermaet and nine seconds ahead of Kristoff in fourth place. With time bonuses available at the intermediate sprints and at the finish line, the race is far from over.

Stage 4: Al Zubarah Fort > Madinat Al Shamal - Stage Result

Thursday 11th February 2016

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KRISTOFF Alexander
Team Katusha
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BMC Racing Team
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Team Katusha

Click through to read more at Cyclingnews.

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Today’s feature image comes from Cor Vos and shows Greg Van Avermaet riding a camel at the Tour of Qatar.

  • Simon

    Kudos to Jason Williams for his Bike Calendar, a great initiative.

    • ceedee

      Agree, hope race organizers get behind it.

      • CapeHorn

        I have submitted my local racing.

  • Nitro

    390 Euros for a Power Meter – They should do well – and good luck to them for thinking different.

    I do find the “Only works with Speedplay pedals, but not with Speedplay compatible shoes” a bit strange – but I am sure there are valid reasons why it needs to be this way.

    I paid four figures + for my power meter 3 1/2 years ago – good to see that there’s considerably more competition in this space now…

    • bikeophile

      Agree, the idea looks promising. I have the stages power meter and a couple of thinks I don’t like having to change the crank from training bike to race bike then recalibrating and the left only power. (first world problems right?) This design would solve both those issues as well as reducing the cost barrier. I am wondering if they are suitable for mountain bikes if you used the speedplay pedals?

    • Kento

      Its only the 4 screw shoes that aren’t compatible. You’ll find most shoes use the 3 screw LOOK system, so you’re simply swapping out the speedplay cleat adapter for their power meter “cleat”. That’s how I read it anyway.

      • Nitro

        That’s my point. I fear they’re limiting their market as a result.

        Unless I read this wrongly (or my understanding of the Speedplay system is wrong – always a possibility), I read it as “You need to have Speedplay pedals, but not-normally-Speedplay compatible shoes”.

        • Jim

          the “sensor” goes between the cleat and shoe – the sensor plate is designed for the “standard” road shoe – kind’ve like the plate that speedplay uses and the speed play cleat bolts to the sensor plate.. google it or watch the video.

    • Jim

      This thing’s been “about to be released” for years good to see they have finally got it working, but why’s it on kick starter ?
      I hope it’s only for the advertising and they aren’t running into financial problems

  • Does there exist anywhere a photo of Kristoff wearing a helmet without it being tilted to the right?

    • James Dunn

      Helmet looks level, I think his sunnies are tilted. :-P

      • Max

        Maybe his helmet’s level but he has a tilted head?

        • RayG

          I have a similar problem – I can’t get helmets to point straight ahead, only slightly off the the left. I don’t think my face is on the front of my head, or something.

    • Michele

      Short answer no.
      But the amount of tilt is indicative of the effort he put into winning the stage.
      This win was mid-range.
      Those winds in Qatar might be pesky, but Milan-San Remo was a lot harder for Kristoff. In comparison, Ronde was a breeze.

  • Laurens

    The headline on Boasson Hagen makes me realise how much I appreciate that CyclingTips normally don’t feel the need to put lame puns in headlines.

    • Michele


    • Tough crowd!

      • Arfy

        Maybe we just need a Friday Funnies section in DND, much like some of us here in the Peanut Gallery try to do in the Comments section, but with more class (and actually funny) :)

  • Michele

    Let’s hope Daryl went to a different chemist prior to his ITT win.

    • Nitro

      Thank you.

      I thought of typing the same, but thought I’d behave / hope that someone else would step up and do the deed… :)

  • Roger That

    Good to see that nobody died, burnt their fingers off or went blind from the reflection off the shiny disc when the wheel with disc brakes was changed.

    • Nitro

      Ah yes, but look at the impact on the environment. No trees, plants, flocks of birds or wildlife running through the undergrowth to be seen anywhere – and its all the fault of the man riding the bike with the funny brakes…

  • Ian

    Interesting that with all the focus on aero everything, Kristoff left the buckle on his left shoe up to catch the wind. I guess he was just trying to give the others a chance in the sprint

    • Nitro

      CT – You have to hand it to your readers – they’re an observant lot !

    • Michele

      That was intentional Ian.

      The aero drag effect over the left buckle offsets the issue with the tilted helmet.

      It’s all very aerodynamic.

  • jules


    because a lot of them are run by shonks who won’t hesitate to rip their employee-riders off by diverting funds somewhere more personally beneficial

  • charlie

    Thanks for cropping the title photo so it doesn’t show camel toe.

    • jules

      I can still see some – just behind the saddle

  • Saint

    Would be great to get the bike calendar for events in WA

  • John Seymour

    Qatar finish – I found it interesting that they did not record a time gap between Kristoff and Cav despite distinct visible gap. May not have been enough for GvA to take the overall, but interesting call non the less

    • Bex

      i guess the gap to the other katusha rider is less than a second, and then the gap to cav is less than a second from him so it’s considered “bunch time”. being a sprint the gaps between riders although physically significant aren’t as far as time is concerned; that’s my take on it anyway.

      • Dave

        It has to be a full second between the back of the front rider’s rear wheel and the leading edge of the front wheel on the rider behind.

        Contrary to what SBS’ geriatric lead commentator says numerous times every July, these days the organisers don’t “decide” whether to group riders or gap them because they take the result of the linescan camera.

  • How does one resolve the headline of “Disc-Brake Wheel Change Only Slightly Slower than Normal” when it took 18s, as say compared to a 10s change for Eddy Boasson Hagen earlier in the stage? I want to see a disc-brake wheel change by Menchov’s 2009 Giro Mechanic.

    • jules

      how about a spanish neutral service mechanic on a foreign rider within striking distance of the GC lead at the Vuelta? ;)

      • Poor Cadel…

      • dsd74

        It wouldn’t be a wheel change, rather a bike change after they knock the rider down or off the road…


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