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November 18, 2017
November 17, 2017
November 16, 2017

Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

February 16, 2016

Photography by Cor Vos

In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Contador ‘more and more likely’ to continue in 2017 if he can set up his own team; Tour of Oman’s future depends on success of 2016 edition; Extreme Weather Protocol a success at Clasica de Almeria, but needs improvement; Riders’ association president Gianni Bugno says peloton wants heavy punishments for mechanical doping; Russia’s former anti-doping chief Nikita Kamaev dies; Giant USA to sell direct to consumers online by August; Helmet-free cycling to be considered under new ACT road safety plan; Troy Clarke’s inspiring story; Drone footage from Orica-GreenEdge’s South African training camp.

Contador ‘more and more likely’ to continue in 2017 if he can set up his own team

by Shane Stokes

He previously said that 2016 might well be his final season in the pro peloton, but Alberto Contador has now said that it is ‘more and more likely’ that he will continue as a professional after the end of this year.

Speaking to the Spanish publication AS, Contador said that he would continue racing if he is successful in setting up his own team, and if it is of a sufficiently high level.

“The possibility of the project going forward is now 50 percent,” he said, saying that the intended setup would be of the “top level to compete in the Tour de France.”

That in turn floats the possibility that he wants to ride the Tour in 2017, giving himself two more shots to win it again.

He is in contact with several sponsors and is aiming for a budget of 15 million euro per year. Contador is due to begin his season on Wednesday in the Volta ao Algarve in Portugal.

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Today’s feature image comes from Cor Vos and shows riders conferring on stage 5 of the 2015 Tour of Oman. The stage would soon be cancelled as a result of the extreme heat.

  • Chris_E_Dub

    Something isn’t right with the ‘mobile’ view of the Digest on an iPhone — there’s no content appearing :-(

    • Ben Greeve

      Same. Happened a bit yesterday but stuff eventually showed.

    • Is it working for you now or still buggy?

    • James Belford


    • Thanks guys. We’re looking into it. Sorry about that!

      • Ben Greeve

        Working for me now, although its pretty slow to load the whole page.

  • Andy B

    If Etap is half as good as that video makes it sound I’m sold

    • Hamish Moffatt

      At least the marketing is good.

  • Arfy

    Geschke needs to get a camera on his bike.

    • Dave

      The only thing preventing that from being a case of throwing stones in glass houses is that they lost their sprinter during the off-season.

  • Paolo

    Did Bouhanni borrow his girlfriends shows? Otherwise an interesting choice for a guy with his reputation.

    • TV Time Tommy

      Presume you mean shoes? Nice pick up though. Also the story calls the Ruta Del Sol as Bouhanni’s ‘home race’ – last time I checked Bouhanni was French and the Ruta Del Sol was in Andalucia, Spain…

      • sps12321

        he’s Giro ready

        • Dave

          Unfortunately it doesn’t go to Milan this year.

      • Paolo

        ahh, small screen typing. Shoes of course ;-)

  • a different ben

    pew pew!

  • a different ben

    I’d love to see some telemetry on those urban downhill rides. Their speed down steps is scary!

  • Holby City

    Kristoff just cannot wear a helmet straight!

    • I think when you win as many races as he does, you can wear a helmet however you like!

      • jules

        I hate to spoil the fun, but if he’s like me he’s got assymetrical facial features and it’s his sunnies that sit a bit crooked, giving the illusion of his helmet being tilted.

        despite this setback I succeeded in my goal of becoming a male supermodel

        • Andy B

          This is how I picture you jules https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jbxz8sCnAL4

          • jules

            so ridiculously good looking!

          • Georgina Peak

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  • Ssanchez

    I like the thinking behind Etap, isolating up-shifts to right paddle and left for down, like flappy paddles in a car.
    The anticipation of Shimano’s response is killing me! Surely they will go wireless for the next gen Di2. As soon as the technology trickles down, hard not to see it becoming huge for the MTB market.

    • Andy B

      wireless mtb groupset.. that’s what I want

  • S.Kipshr

    Cheers for this awesome picture of Emanuel Buchmann and his 2 little fans!


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November 18, 2017
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