Ella Picks: controversy over sexist race poster, women’s team to tackle the Tour de France and more

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Controversy regarding ‘sexist’ Euskal Emakumeen Bira artwork

sexist poster

Promotional artwork for the prestigious Basque women’s race, Emakumeen Euskal Bira, caused a bit of a stir this past week. So much so that event organisers have scrapped the design.

The artwork  in question featured the back of a woman’s head, showing off her big blonde braid from below her helmet and last year’s race winner Kasia Niawiadoma (Rabo-Liv) giving the camera an air kiss.

What might have been an innocently feminine depiction didn’t sit well with the Basque Women’s Institute who issued the complaint.

You be the judge, is this sexist? Let us know in the comment section below.

Technical fraud case handed off to Disciplinary Commission


The cyclocross technical fraud case has officially been handed off to the  Disciplinary Commission, the UCI announced on February 10.

Belgian under-23 rider Femke van den Driessche is under investigation for technological fraud, after a motor was found in her bike during the U23 cyclocross world championship race on January 30th.

Working independently from the UCI, the Disciplinary Commission is the body in charge of imposing sanctions for breaches of the UCI Regulations.

The UCI also announced that no other statement will be made until a decision has been rendered.



Donnons des Elle Au Velo

donnons des elles
Can women ride the Tour de France? We know they’re not allowed to race it, but could they –physically—endure the 3,500 kilometres? A French women’s team is saying “mais Oui!’

For a second year in a row, Donnons des Elle Au Velo, an all-women cycling team from Courcouronnes is riding the entire Tour de France, one day ahead of the pros.

Part challenge, part publicity stunt – the women are tackling the world’s biggest road race to promote female cycling and raise awareness about the disparities between men and women in cycling.

The Canyon-SRAM team


Insightful and entertaining Q&A with “Scrymo”


In the past 20 years, Velocio’s Kristy Scrymgeour has been a professional cyclist, a journalist, a PR officer for one of the sports biggest teams, and an owner of a highly successful pro team. As they say, she’s seen it all and done it all. Ride Media’s Rob Arnold spoke to ‘Scrymo’ about her various roles in cycling to find out what she’s learned over the years and why the sport still captivates her.



Watch women’s racing LIVE

sprint finish

Where and how can you watch the women’s biggest professional road races this year? Sarah Connolly has got the answers in this handy-dandy list. Bookmark it as it’ll be your guide to spring and summer racing.

Kachelhoffer crowned new South African champion

An-Li Kachelhoffer pictured during the Worldchampionships in Richmond. Photo by Cor Vos
An-Li Kachelhoffer pictured during the Worldchampionships in Richmond. Photo by Cor Vos

Three-time South African champion Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio was unable to defend her title in the South African national championships last week. After missing the time trial event due to illness, she ended the road race in sixth. It was Lotta-Soudal’s An-li Kachelhoffer (Lotto-Soudal Ladies) whose late attack proved fruitful as she crossed the line solo, seven seconds ahead of second place finisher Lise Olivier (Bizkaia-Durango) and bronze medalist Anriette Schoeman.

Cant caps dominant season with Superprestige victory

Sanne Cant

Dominant all season, Sanne Cant wrapped up her season with another win at the Superprestige in Middelkerke, her 18th win of the season. With this victory, she wins the overall Superprestige series. That’s three for three for Cant, winning all three of prestigious cyclocross series: thee BPost Trophy, World Cup and Superprestige. And with her wins at the Belgian and European championships, she won two out of the three available champion jerseys. The rainbow jersey is the only accomplishment still missing from her palmares.


This week’s photo is brought to you by PdV of Cor Vos photo agency. He’s been getting artsy with his photos. This one shows newly-crowned cyclocross world champion Thalita de Jong on her way to winning her first race in the rainbow stripes in Sint Niklaas last week.

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