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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
  • Chris

    It doesn’t show the women actually riding their bikes, and focuses on hair and lips. So yeah, I guess so. It’s mild, but so what – it’s there, so call them on it.
    I frankly haven’t seen promo posters for men’s races, really, so I’m not sure what they usually show. Guys riding bikes, poker face on?

  • Craig

    I think the litmus test would be, “Would the same type of poster work for a similar men’s race?” If the answer is “no”, then the poster is gender-biased.

    • Paul E.

      Shouldn’t it be gender-biased? It is a women’s race after all…Frankly, I am also offended by the posters for the men’s races I see: they portray men as athletic machines with chiselled calves with the sole purpose to show peak performance. It offends me because that is not the man I want to be and I also don’t want my entire gender to be perceived this way. Yeah..

    • Dave

      Definitely the case.

      Every organiser of a men’s cycling event I’ve come across would have the dignity to fire a designer who used that font at the top of the poster.

  • Maybe one is demoing a new aero hair style and the other is wolf whistling at a male spectator?

    People on the internet get offended about the littlest things. Best way to promote an event is a blank sheet of paper and let people guess what is happening.

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  • Paul E.

    I am probably just another one of those ignorant male pigs, but I am struggling to see how that poster is really *that* offensive. Is it the air kiss that reduces women to sex objects (yet again) or is it because the focus is placed on braided hair instead of her cycling achievements? The outcry surrounding the posters of last year’s E3 Harelbeke I could understand. This one, not so much.

    • Sydney Brown

      Craig (poster above) says it best, “If it wouldn’t work for men’s poster…” While I agree this is mild, the short answer is that the multitude of little things like this do more damage than the (thankfully) diminishing blatant offenses. When women’s racing is taken as seriously as the men’s, especially as represented by paychecks, maybe this poster will merely be playful and worth a laugh.

      • winkybiker

        It definitely is multitude of things that contribute to an outcome of systematic discrimination. This one poster is perhaps not terribly offensive (although it is definitely awful, regardless) but that doesn’t mean those responsible shouldn’t be called out. I also won’t be happy until there is equal prize money for all genders, That is to say, zero prize money for both men and women in all events.

      • Rocket

        Agreed, equal pay for equal work.
        Therefore,Women’s races need to be the equal of the Men’s, not cut down versions.

  • Mike

    So it’s the Basque Women’s Institute that is inflamed about the poster. Our local branch of the WI knit blankets for homeless Syrian children and I know which group I prefer.

  • Heather nielson

    re: the poster: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing off a female athlete’s femininity e.g. a blonde pony tail or an innocent kiss toward a camera. I think the problem is that is ALL they showed. None of the athleticism. It’s not THAT bad but it’s about what the focus is…and isn’t.

  • Harri

    could another reason why they hate the poster so much, be that the poster is shite?

  • Dave

    The poster is 100% clickbait, surely?

  • Rocket

    The “Basque Women’s Institute” need to get a life………

  • Rocket

    Donnons des Elle Au Velo

    Good on the girls (or am I going to get howled down by the Basque Women’s Institute) for taking on the 3500 km+ ride.

    Of course there are disparities between Men’s and Women’s races.
    Take the example of the just recently completed Cadel Evan’s Event for Men and Women.
    The Men race was won 4hr 4 min 50sec for 173km vs the Women race being won in 2hr 58mins 45secs for 113km

    How can there not be disparities when they don’t complete equally.
    The only way for there not to be; is for Men’s and Women’s races to be combined and may the best person win.

  • Yankee

    I think Sanne Cant is a hottie. Is that sexist? Normally I wouldn’t watch CX. But when I watch CX, it’s only the women. Never the men. And I hardly even miss a ct.nl road race during the season. Just sayin.

    • Rocket

      A male finding a female attractive, how unusable.
      Go figure………………..

      Wonders will never cease.

  • Mark Blackwell

    Can women complete the TdF… find it hard to believe that is a question. I’ve just finished reading a book about a group of **recreational** cyclists that rode the 2012 TdF route “One Day Ahead” of the actual race (that’s the name of the book, “One Day Ahead”). Yes it was a hard 3 weeks and a damn fine achievement (that I’d love to replicate), but I have no doubt whatsoever that a professional women’s team can do the ride.

    • It’s a race, not a ride. No, the best women racers would struggle to finish with the men and wouldn’t complete for stages or any jerseys at all. I love women’s racing but it would be silly to combine them.

  • Most of the ads on the linked page were far more sexually charged but they pay the bills so… This is pretty sad attempt to find something to be outraged at. Apparently if you are able to tell it’s a woman playing a sport, it’s sexist. Cycling Burkhas to be required.

    • CapeHorn

      “Cycling Burkhas to be required ”
      Which would also give more advertising space to sponsors – win win :D

  • Tom Bammann

    As requested by Anne-Marije Rook, the readers have commented. But I’m curious as to why she hasn’t explicitly stated what her position on the poster is. Have read twice and aside from the title, I’m getting a distinct fence-sitting from her on whether or not it is in fact sexist.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      Hi Tom. My intend was to share the news without showing my personal bias. Of course I’m happy to tell you my opinion at your request.

      First and foremost I think the artwork was simply bad. What does it advertise? Is this an ad for Lazer helmets? It’s unclear what the viewer is looking at. It does a terrible job advertising a road race.

      Now regarding sexism. I like to use the litmus test that Craig mentioned above: “If you were to swap the riders with male riders, would the same type of poster work for a similar men’s race?” The answer is ‘no’. Would you identify with or be inspired by the back of a man’s head and another guy blowing an airkiss at you? Would that make you want to watch the race? Probably not.

      But because they’re women racers and it’s a women’s race, that imaging is somehow considered ‘cute’. While I have seen a lot worse in the cycling industry, I’m glad that people are speaking up and saying enough is enough. Show these women for the great athletes that they are. Show them sprinting to the line, celebrating in victory or suffering up a climb. That is inspiring. That is what racing is. That is what fans of the sport want to see in men’s and women’s professional cycling.

      • Tom Bammann

        Thanks Anne-Marije, appreciate the response.

      • alicatado

        This poster looks like a poor effort from a school student. Graphics, font, layout and choice of images – fail! Oh, and sexist too. Blowing kisses ffs.

  • Frances

    Sexist isn’t the right word, but it does seem ineffective and in poor taste.

  • lawofone

    I’m so sick and tired of the “everything is sexist” crowd poking their noses into everything from protein drinks to women’s cycling. I am new to cycling and am soon turned off to the national organizations because all they talk about sexism this and sexism that….If women want to be treated fairly in sports, then stop complaining about everything being unfair and sexist! A picture about a pony tail is not sexist! It is simply depicting a female cyclist from behind. Im a woman and we are just sexier and cuter than men on bikes- so what? Women are the only people objectifying women- have you ever picked up a women’s fashion magazine? Men tend to simply be turned on- that is not objectification. True athleticism and skill will never be hidden under lip gloss, but it can destroy women’s cycling by turing off any interested man in making comments or participating in women cycling news. Women- spend less time complaining and men will take you more seriously!


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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017