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  • George Hayduke

    Name that roof, win a prize.

    • David Bonnett

      Pretty sure I know that building after spending way too many hours in their gym, spin room and squash court.. One of the things I miss about Boulder.

  • Alex

    Wouldn’t she want to do it when the weather is warmer so the air is not as dense?

    • James Huang

      In terms of outright speed, yes. By similar reasoning, it would also be better to use a track at higher altitude like in Mexico.

      That said, she has lots of reasons to do this in Colorado. USA Cycling is supporting her to some extent so there’s motivation to use the track in Colorado Springs where the organization is headquartered. Her coach is also based nearby in Boulder, as are Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter-Phinney, whose home she stays in when in town for training.

      A fast track is one thing but so is a strong support network.

      • Alex

        Seeing how the hour record is about outright speed and my reasoning holds true and assuming Colorado has a summer season it still seems to make sense to do it in the summer.

        Wiggins clearly chose London over altitude because he wanted to be on ‘home turf’, so I get that part.

        • James Huang

          Sorry, misread your comment. Yep, would totally make more sense to do it when it’s warmer. I don’t know why they’re doing this in February but I suspect there’s some logistical reason behind it.

          • Dave

            It stands to reason that a multi-million dollar upgrade of a velodrome in a location with such a wide variety of weather conditions would have included some sort of basic climate control system.

            • James Huang

              Yep, it’s definitely heated! Although it’s still awfully big space with minimal levels of insulation so if it’s super cold outside, it’s not exactly balmy inside. Luckily for Stevens, it was quite warm on the day of her attempt.

  • Kieran Degan

    Nice bike. Good luck to her. Although it would be nice to see an Aussie keep the record ;)

    • Dave

      It’s good to see the stars of the international racing scene taking it on though, after having a legend like Leontien van Moorsel knocked off the top by a rules change it would have been disappointing for it to stay in the hands of domestic-level part-time riders.

      Perhaps one of our international stars should have a shot at it – Shara Gillow?

  • velocite

    I always think the big ‘ZIPP’ lettering looks unbalanced, like shouting. But on this machine, perfect.

  • MadBlack

    Sex on wheels! If she can’t break the record on this thing, it ain’t gonna be broken. What a marketing stunt by Spez (again!) Great Pictures and insight, thanks for sharing!


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