• Gavin Adkins

    I know resting heart rate is mentioned in passing, but if you’re serious enough to have a coach you should be taking your resting heart rate every morning when you first wake up. Over time it will become apparent roughly what your resting heart rate is. It doesn’t really matter what the number is, so long as it’s consistent. If it’s about 10% or more above the sort of number you see regularly, you need a day off, maybe two or three, basically until it comes back down again.

    If your resting heart rate is fine, but your legs feel like salty garbage, put it in the smallest gear you have, roll around for 30 minutes, when you get off the bike have a good long stretch and then have a shower (and a nap, if possible). Repeat once a day until you feel better.

    • Joannecpeterson3

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  • JZRL

    Hi guys, I have a question! Why is it that after a long and challenging ride, when you are physically tired and in need of a really good rest, is it so hard to stay asleep all night? I often find after a big ride that I’ll go to sleep at my normal time, not too early or too late, but will wake up around 3 or 3am and then not be able to go back to sleep for at least an hour, sometimes more. It leads to a terrible feeling of exhaustion the next day, and a longer recovery in the week as I’m trying to make up for the lost sleep in the mornings rather than being able to go out for a recovery spin or to do yoga. Any help on what I can do to address this issue is welcome. I’ve tried different approaches to nutrition post ride, eliminating caffeine, and yoga/relaxation before bed but nothing has solved the problem. Thanks in advance for your help! Jess


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