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  • ech0ech0

    These are so informative! Thank you so much for this series by Dr. Sims!

  • winkybiker

    If I drank to thirst, I would finish every long ride as a dehydrated mess. I always drink to schedule when out for over a couple of hours, but never get anywhere near the 800ml per hour upper limit.

    • Herman Hanson

      I am not an expert but have changed my thinking after reading some of the Noakes work. This article is good in noting that drinking too much water is a “bad” thing and humans evolved to exercise using less water than was thought to be needed in the quite recent past.

      • winkybiker

        Agree that there is evidence that too much water is a bad thing, but “too much” is a truly massive amount for most people. Few get anywhere near it. Dehydration, particularly among new riders on long rides remains a bigger issue. As I said, “drink to thirst” just doesn’t work for me personally.

  • Sean parker

    Wow, an actual evidence based article.On the internet…

    Thanks to the author for well pitched overview.

    I wonder, though, whether we ought to make a hydration strategy a dichotomy. Thirst is not always reliable, given the lag time between dehydration and onset of thirst. It might be that we need a mix of moderate scheduled rehydration and ‘top-up’ upon onset of thirst.

    Moreover, knowing your body’s response to hard exercise; from weighing before and after exercise, documenting thirst etc at the end of hard training sessions might make the difference in an athlete’s ability to predict the amount of hydration required for a particular event. Prediction of likely water + sodium requirements makes under or over hydration less likely. We seem to focus on power measurement, heart rate and small increments in bike weight or aerodynamics but the same consideration ought to be placed upon effective hydration for safe (and fast) performance.

    I do like the variable of acclimatisation that is considered in this article and also the discussion on sodium replenishment and sports drinks. Clearly any strategy for endurance exercise must consider electrolyte replacement via food for extended exercise in hot weather.

    • Bethanyenewell2

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