• CB

    No mention of the defamation case against Henderson?

    • Samaway

      Folks usually can’t make public comments on ongoing legal cases, if this one has indeed gone ahead…

      • CB

        Of course, but still, it’s a question worth asking surely? Even if it gets the ‘no comment’ treatment from Aru.

    • frankie

      will he sue for defamation if I say that he is one ugly #ucker”? I guess he has to prove that it isn’t true first!

  • spartacus

    Hi Wade,
    Some feedback, hopefully constructive, on this. This reads very much like a pre-packaged PR interview of the type that CT has successfully eschewed for years to its absolute credit. Completely anodyne answers from Aru calculated to cause as little offence or controversy as possible, with minimal attempt to follow up and no questions at all on the doping cloud over Astana and, by extension, its current stars. This is to be contrasted with the excellent recent CT interviews with Michael Woods and Sean Kelly, for example which have been relevant, insightful and far more credible.

    I know that Astana PR are notoriously controlling, but on balance CT would have been better off not running this interview at all – the benefits of the exclusive with Aru are outweighed by the detriment to the broader CT brand and its credibility.

    • spartacus

      PS – all of that after the beautifully evocative intro by Nicolás Van Looy.

    • Thanks for the candid feedback @sparticus. I agree that we should have taken a different approach and it’s a lesson on our part. The fact that we never hear anything about Aru made it worthwhile to publish, but I would have liked to see more too. We take the feedback on-board.


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