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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
  • Andy B

    wow that’s a whole lot of gear!
    if they have any spares they don’t want I’ll take them off their hands

  • Samaway

    What do they do with the previous year’s kits?

    • If you mean the riders, they usually give it away to mates, or sign something for charity auctions, or eBay, sometimes, last race of season, they sell it off, incl bike.
      Manufacturers, usually recoup their “supply costs” by selling the replica stuff, all year. The excess actual team kit, goes via their distributors and or retail stores, ie Prendas

    • I donated lots of mine to the juniors of my local bike club

  • My team provides me with one jersey and one pair of shorts. If I want more I have to pay out of pocket.

    • George

      Is ‘your team’ Mrs Wannabe Racer and is the start of the season 25th Dec?

  • Craig

    A friend of mine sells a well known Pro’s excess kit for him at the end of every season and takes a cut himself….its turned into a very nice little earner for both of them!

    • sket

      How much does a pair of knicks fetch post-season these days? Less than 200 hrs in the saddle! ;-)

      • Craig

        Plenty!! There’s no shortage of punters that want to wear genuine kit….although it is all midget size.

        • Craig

          Actually most of it is still brand new.

      • Tillie Tavares

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  • Larry @CycleItalia

    That’s really not that much gear when you consider the hours these folks spend wearing it. I noted one team issued 3 pairs of bibshorts. Anyone who rides regularly needs 3 of these, no?

    • Dave

      The story did state that was just to get them through a couple of weeks worth of racing in Australia, not the full season.

      Multiplied by at least seven riders, that’s going to stack up to a worthwhile amount of shipping costs saved.

    • Yeah we’ll definitely have lots more than 3 pairs for the season. The new shipment is arriving this week, which is going to include a few new items that I’m looking forward to!

  • Liam Cahill

    Having trained full time this winter (25ish hrs a week), I can see that the quantity is seriously needed, especially for those in the wetter countries. Britain has been ‘fun’ to do base miles in!

    • Tom Wells

      I’m with you on that one! Been an awful winter in Britain so far… Wet wet wet!

  • David Briggs

    Mind you a lot of this kit is for riding in wet and cold weather, when most of us either find something else to do or drag out the trainer.

  • Ultra_Orange

    I think I know why cycling nothing costs so much. You’ve got to pay for them to have a new kit for every mood swing they have.

  • Plant-Based Cyclist

    Dare I say,…wasteful?

    • Sean


    • Steel

      If it all got chucked in a bin at the end of the year, then yeah. Otherwise, I’ve accumulated about that much kit of the years, and go through most of it quite regularly. It’s really only my good Assos bibs that get saved for my summer epics that don’t get super regular use.

      • Dave

        It doesn’t all get binned, although a fair amount does get worn out beyond practical use.

        A number of pros donate their gear to a couple of charities which work with building up the sport in Africa.

  • Antonio Ramón Prieto Navarro


  • Ben J

    Dave, what would be the ROI on a team sponsorship like this? That’s a lot of kit and I’m assuming it’s not cheap.

  • Cathy Saleta

    how about the elite women how much do they get?

    • david__g

      Did you…read the article?

      • Cathy Saleta

        Well I suppose when they do the typical reporting on “cycling” they start out with copious commentary, images and riders that are male – calling it “pro cycling”, and then there’s the little byline of talking about “women’s cycling” which I didn’t notice. Cos as usual the women’s is almost invisible in most media…and we have to strain ourselves searching and bending over backwards to find decent reporting.


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September 23, 2017
September 22, 2017
September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017