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  • MadBlack

    Thanks for sharing this with the world. Although I think there’s no need for fat bikes it’s great to see the fun being put back into racing. Astonishingly only the mountain bike fraternity appears to have mastered this art!

  • dypeterc

    Rule #9876: If rainbow stripes aren’t up for grabs, it’s not a World Championship event. @velominati

  • Simon

    A sport where motors would be welcome. perhaps? And that image of the branded bum was too much!!

  • Jaybo

    i can’t decide my favourite photo & caption, either the lineup of the elite men’s with Jim Dangle, or the whiskey based “aid station”

  • Nick Clark

    Considering the crap that’s been coming out of the most recent ‘official’ worlds, I for one hope the rainbow jersey goes no where near this event (although I’d love to see the winner’s branding incorporated into UCI events).

    To me this article is everything that’s good about sport :)

    • Dave

      I’d like to see branding incorporated into sanctions for doping and other serious forms of cheating.

  • David Bonnett

    Way to go CB – my favourite town on the planet ;-)

  • Nitro

    “Tires were required to be a minimum of 3.5 inches (8.9cm) wide”

    Based on the first video, it seems that front tires (tyres?) were optional – love it !


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