• Nitro

    (a) Awesome photos – thanks for sharing (b) Confirming that I’m absolutely NOT suggesting anything untoward is going on but (c) Wondering what’s in the Sky drink-as-soon-as-you-get-across-the-line drinks. Surprised to see something that looks like its in unbranded bottles – Unless I’m missing something I would have thought this would have been branded drink marketing 101.

    • Dave

      Almost certainly a G Series Pro drink similar to Gatorade Recover 03.

      Sky are the only team in the WorldTour with a PepsiCo (i.e. Gatorade) sponsorship contract, which forces them to rip the labels off at races sponsored by Coca-Cola (i.e. Powerade).

      • Nitro

        Thanks for the info – I had no idea what it was !

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