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  • Dave

    Can someone please explain to me why Cycling Australia feels the need to add Monarch of the Mountain contests and intermediate sprints into one day races like CEGORR and the national championship road race? It makes the Aussie races seem like small town crits and says that the sport hasn’t grown up yet.

    In all the big one day races I’ve seen from overseas on SBS and Eurosport, never once have I seen that done. The only point of a one day race is to finish first! Sure, they list the climbs in the route notes but the only prize for ‘winning’ the climb is that you get over the top (and closer to the finish) ahead of the rival riders you beat.

    • Dba

      Agreed. The London–Surrey Classic here in the UK also has sprints and KOM jerseys and I had the exact same thought that they their inclusion makes the race sound amateurish. (Although in this case their biggest crime is billing themselves a ‘classic’!)

    • Robert Merkel

      To give the NRS riders an incentive to get in the breakaways. Is that really so bad?

      • Dave

        Yes. It cheapens the race for everyone, and there are other options for secondary prizes which would be far more fitting for a one day race combining teams from different divisions – like the highest placed NRS rider and highest placed U23 rider.

        The organisers also ran the risk of having to award the prize to a rider who didn’t have the highest point score. The second-highest scorer in the hill prime came third because she didn’t finish the race, and the winner of the sprint primes finished the race on a time closer to the 8% time cut than to the winner!

  • justanotheropinion

    I had never noticed until these pictures that the AIS logo on the OGE jerseys looks alot like an “elastoplast Bandaid” (is that an copyrighted oxymoron?) or are my eyes being deceived?


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