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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • pedr09

    I have this bag and I do like it a lot. I never take my pedals off, I can’t see why you would bother with that. The part that seems to take the biggest beating are your shifters which sometimes emerge slightly pushed inwards from the bag being thrown and landing on something hard. Never had a breakage or damage however. Also, you need to clamp the quick releases down really hard. A few times the rear end has been off the internal frame. Even though a hard case will protect better, after using this bag, I’d be cursing having to take off bars, pedals, seatpost etc. every frigg’n time you had to pack it up or down. The Scicon takes me 5 minutes tops. $930!!!!!! Bloody hell, it was about $500 when I bought mine a few years back.

    • Eat More Lard

      For peace of mind, I always remove the bars and seatpost. It adds about 3 mins to the dissasemble/reassemble process. Time well spent vs having to replace a broken component at the other end in my mind.

    • pedr09

      Meant to say… my bike has an ISP so there’s no taking the post out anyway. I had to get a bag that could handle the seat in place.

  • Ross

    I have one of these bags too and used it last year to travel to France and agree with everything said by Anne-Marie and aso share pedr0’s

    experience of the shifters being knocked out of alignment. What I didn’t realise when the shifters had been knocked was that the Di2 cable was dislodged at the same time and it wasn’t until I got to Mt Ventoux and found I couldn’t change down to the small chainring! After a bit of “MacGyvering” on the side of the road with a stick the problem was solved.

    Other issue I had was thst Etihad airlines made a note that the bag was non-standard which was basically just a cop-out by them trying to relieve themselves of any responsibility in the even the bike was damaged. This seemed odd as I have seen many other cyclists using these exact same bags including many pro teams.

    • dcaspira

      Short of a travel bike – Pika Packworks, understated, brilliant performer. http://pikapackworks.com/

      • Hurtin’ Albertan

        Can’t say enough great things about the Pika. Requires a bit more disassembly than the Scion but the benefits far outweigh most bags in my opinion. I’ve flown more times than I can count with my bike in the 5 years I’ve owned it. Very few fees incurred at the check in counter and zero damage to my bike. Not even a shifter out if alignment. Still loads of room for extras inside. I purchased mine after the review on Cycling Tips: https://cyclingtips.com/2009/07/bike-cases-softshell-or-hardshell/

  • Bigfoots

    Does it work for bigger frame size? I mean, i have a 60 cm cannondale and i was wondering if i would have to lower the seatpost .. or there is enough space ?

    • Will

      There’s plenty of room. It’s spacious by far and you could always lower it but I really think you wouldn’t need to.
      It’s a fabulous bag but I too have had the levers knocked inwards, you can always take the bars off still, it just leaves a lot of fresh air. The rack to mount it on is a fantastic idea, and makes it feel way more secure than even a box. The only thing this bag is missing is a blue Morgan ‘chain thingy’ to sit on the back ‘axle’ to hold the chain up. Then it’d be perfect.
      Really happy with mine, they’re cheap on wiggle at the moment too.

      • Bigfoots

        Thanks for the info :)

    • Andy Logan

      Managed to get my Propel SL0 with ISP (large frame) in, with the saddle on and it just fits. I have only had 10mm chopped off seat post. Fitted perfectly

    • De Mac

      I ride a 58cm CAAD and it packed in no worries with the seatpost at my usual height – these are good jiggers!

  • Michael

    Timely article !! About to go on a two week trip to Italy & France, so a decent bike bag is on my shopping list.
    One question though, as I’m limited to 30kg total including the bike, what does the case weigh ?

    • From memory, I think it’s around 7-8kg. I’ve travelled with this bag with the same weight limit and had no problems. Bag + bike + kit ~20kg.

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      The case is 8.9 kilos to be exact

    • Louise B

      Took mine to & from Adelaide for TDU recently with this bag. Bag, bike (52 cm carbon frame), wheels, couple of tools, couple of kits & shoes came in right on 20kg.
      I recommend removing rear derailleur, wrap in bubble wrap & tape inside frame. Even with the little protector it still manages to get bent thanks to some crappy baggage handlers.
      Very good bag, easy to use.

  • Alex L

    AUD930 for a bag that doesn’t adequately protect the shifters and then a wheel falls off!! That’s seriously outrageous.

    Most airlines here in Australia have a width limit on baggage that is less than handlebar width (e.g. QANTAS is 30cm, I have 44cm bars). How does Scicon get around this? No wonder shifters are getting knocked around.

    This is part of my gripe with the current state in cycling – as bikes are getting more expensive, and companies realise the prices that people are willing to pay, the companies that make accessories are also bumping their prices up. Helmets, shoes, clothing, sunglasses are all getting more and more expensive. And the logic seems to be that if $8k for a bike isn’t unreasonable, than nor is $400 for a helmet, $300 for a pair of sunglasses or $1k for a bag to put it all in!

    • Andy Logan

      I paid 500 + delivery from Pushys.com.au before the TdU.

    • Mick Carter

      How does Scicon get around this? – It would be considered oversized baggage so no probs with the width of the bars

      • JCJordan

        I have spoken to Qantas and they consider it general oversize baggage as its within their requirements

        • Mark

          I use the Scicon Aerocomfort about 5 flights a year, domestic and international. Airlines have never questioned size of bag. Fitting the Aerocomfort into a taxi is another matter. Total weight of Scicon, riding gear, travel clothing, etc all stuffed in is normally 23-28kg. Use a daypack to carry your riding shoes, helmet, toiletries, jacket, etc to keep Scicon weight down. NEVER carry tools in your carry-on, they will be confiscated and thrown away (expensive lesson learnt in Dubai).
          As comments above, shifters will get knocked in, usually 2 out of 3 flights. There really is little protection there in this bag.
          I ride 56/57cm bikes with 78cm saddle height and there’s still plenty of “height” left so I don’t see larger bikes not fitting in the Aerocomfort with seatpost/saddle still attached.
          Always remove pedals and rear mech. for flights. Only takes a few minutes rather than finding rear hanger is bent in AFTER you shift into first gear and rear derailleur/hanger gets ripped off into back spokes…….

    • JCJordan

      I have done over 100 flights with the version one of this bag and the only damage it every received was on a Virgin Flight where they pulled off most of the straps and killed a wheel. There was no damage to the bike, they did not even manage to move the shifters as some others have had happen. I now have the new version and never had a single problem. Best bit is that there is so much room in the bag I can fit lots of clothing, helmets and other stuff in and around the bike which means I can generally travel with one bag.

  • Douglas

    I have used Evoc bags for years and I agree about ensuring that the bike is tightly clamped into the frame. I purchased the similar frame available for Evoc after using them without for some years, and the bag was clearly thrown around on an Etihad flight, with the result that the bike came adrift from the frame, resulting in a buckled wheel. I have reservations about the frames, because holding the bike in a rigid position on relation to the bag seems to make it more vulnerable. For this reason, I always remove the bars, and hang them over the top tube, and remove the derailleur, and put it out of the way.

  • CapeHorn

    (I have the TT varient)
    The biggest failing of the bag is the wheels. After one trip (CBR->PER return) I now need to replace all four wheels. any side impact the the wheel itself will dislodge the horizontal bearings (meaning the wheels won’t turn to change the direction of the bag. (and you start leaving small ball bearing everywhere you go.)) Yes, they do supply a spare, but each extra from them is $15-$20. Reality – the design for the wheels and how they connect to the case is fairly poor (and while I have designed something better, the cost is somewhat prohibitive)

    Also – If you race with a disc, take off the pedals., or at least the pedal that is to the side that you place the disc.

    • Ross

      Aftermarket castor wheels are available for around half what Scicon charge (check eBay) and you can also get an aftermarket copy bag (which is what I have) for about $200 less than Scicon and comparing it to my mate’s genuine Scicon it looks to be exactly the same.

  • Giovanni037

    I agree, these are very good bike bags. From my experience:
    You can slide the loaded bag into the back seat of a (Melbourne) taxi, despite the occasional concern from the driver.
    You can also fit the loaded bag into the back of a typical hatch-back, with back seat folded down.
    I loosen my brake hoods so when they get the inevitable knock in transit, they give rather than break.
    The castors are a weak point, more recent models may have better quality ones. I’ve had to replace all of mine after several years if use.
    I have never encountered a problem with the bag being over-size on domestic airlines, and a trip to NZ (but that’s a domestic flight too…right?),

    • pedr09

      That’s a good point about taxi’s etc. I was worried the first time I was getting picked up but it was fine. It’ll fit in the back seat of your typical sedan. Agree with the castors. Mine are doing weird things these days and need replacing.

    • JCJordan

      So far I have managed to fit it in a Camry’s back seat, but need the full boot when they have a prius

  • GT

    I have the previous model bag and have taken the bike to Europe on 4 occasions. On the last trip the seat stay was cracked and bike unusable. A right pain. All the frame was covered in foam and packed really well, as per previous trips
    So I think it is luck of the draw with the baggage chuckers I am afraid. Pays to research a Plan B before you go just in case you have to spend your way out of trouble. From now on I will be renting a bike O/S.

  • Aaron Heaysman

    How does it perform with disc brake bikes with through axles?

    • Anne-Marije Rook

      That is a good question. I haven’t tried that. The bike is mounted on the bag’s ABF with a quick release skewer, which appears too narrow for a through axle skewer.

    • Michael K

      I can answer this! Basically, I had the same problem as you and emailed Scicon asking if there’s a solution. They replied that they can install the MTB frame mount that accepts thru-axles in the road bike bag, but it’s only by request. I suggest doing the same, e-mailing them and asking, you shouldn’t have problems.

      • Anne-Marije Rook

        Thanks Michael!

      • Aaron Heaysman

        Thanks Michael, it will be something I’ll put on the list after the new bike

  • One downside about bags with wheels like these. I saw baggage handlers putting all these types of bags upside down because they couldn’t keep them still. A likely reason why the shifters keep getting banged around.

  • Colin

    I fly a lot (~ 80 – 100 flights a year) and I used this bag on a return flight leg to Singapore last year. I had a loan bike, Bianchi Oltre XR2 Di2, due to the fact the manufacturer had my bike in for review. The bike made it to Singapore fine, although I had felt the bike looked barely protected at all from the base up, especially around the handlebar area, it’s just some canvas. I also thought the ridged base meant if the top of the bike is twisted and the base cannot move it will just snap. Bike arrived fine. Return flight, different story. On arrival in Sydney welcomed by a nicely smashed inward Di2 lever. Clearly the most vulnerable part of your bike using this will be the handle bars and levers. Needless to say the loan bag went back and I went off and got myself a good quality bike box for my own ride! Worth making the effort to remove your bars and derailleur and getting a semi hard or hard bike box. My current bike box has been used on multiple multi leg European trips and zero issues. That is my experience of this bag. I did like the convenience factor and the wheels for handling around the airport though!

  • Chris G

    For me absolutely the only way to go is a rigid case, I cannot understand the sof case approach – your pride and joy in a soft case like this, plus typical baggage handlers is really not a recipe for a stress free flight. I full swear swear by bikeboxalan – it is bullet proof, will easily survive being at the bottom of a baggage trolley under XX heavy suitcases – and most importantly baggage handler proof – I have travelled a huge amount with my bikes and never had an issue with damages yet. Two bikeboxalans, plus a large suitcase will easily fit into almost any hire car (with back seats down) – I have easily managed with VW Polo and even Fiat 500. Many other bike boxes will not fit so easily, also with a soft case it is not good to load one bike on top of another in the car – this is not an issue with a rigid bike box. Additionally many of these soft cases, including the one reviewed here are more expensive!

    • Georgina Peak

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  • Rob

    I have used this bag thee times to Queensland, Europe and New Zealand. After three trips I’ve lost two wheels. (Anyone know if where I can get replacement wheels?) No damage to my bike however i do stuff a lot of bubble wrap around my bike and loosen my handle bars and shifters. Heaps of room for all my other cycle gear inc. large pump, helmut and clothing. I think the next model should have air pockets in the side walls that could be pumped up before flight.

    • Hollie Weatherstone

      Hi Rob, if you register your product at sciconbags.com you can get free spares!

  • Eagle Jackson

    I bought this bag. It appealed to me because of how easy it is to pack. You don’t have to take off the handlebars or the pedals. I’ve used a Trico hard case, a Pika Packworks, and an Evoc travel bag previously. I was concerned though about the handlebars getting bashed in shipment.

    On my first travel with the case, indeed it packed easily and quickly. I put extra padding around the bars and the shifters. I shipped the bike via Fed Ex to my first destination. It arrived with both shifters pushed inwards probably 30 degrees. Hmm… For the return, I took the bike on the airplane with me, and padded the bars and shifters even more. This time the bike arrived with the handlebars broken — the drops below the shifter were completely busted. Yes they are carbon bars, and yes, it’s probably a good idea to travel with aluminum bars, but in all my trips before, I’ve never had anything damaged. With two bad experiences out of two, I lost confidence in the bag and returned it. It was used, but the dealer took it back and gave me a full refund. It takes me slightly longer to pack my Evoc travel bag (which has a similar aluminum mounting frame) but I’ve not had any damage before or since. The idea of the Scicon pack is great; in practice, the risk of damage is far too high. For me, it failed both initial times I used it, the second time with a busted handlebar. I’m only happy that it happened on the return portion of my trip rather than the outbound, as then it would have wrecked the trip.


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017