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  • winkybiker

    For the love of dogs, can we please stop calling it “mechanical doping”.

    • Red Dog

      The horse has bolted winky.

    • Brendalmatos2

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    • Steve S

      I know, it’s horrible. If a formula one team used an overpowered engine or an illegal petrol additive, or a soccer player used an “illegal” boot, would the doping term be used? No. Was Tom Brady accused of “air doping” over the pressure in the ball he was throwing? It’s just a cheap term playing on cycling’s past.

  • Tim Barnett

    Surely “mechanical doping” should be easily detectable by analyzing the athletes power files, and comparing with other competitors files. For example, with the van Driessche Koppenberg incident (or Cancellara’s Rhonde), where she took off from nearby athletes, there should be a very noticeable increase in power relative to nearby riders.

    • Dave

      It wouldn’t be that simple if the motor comes in downstream of the power meter, and data can be easily falsified anyway.

      In any case, do women’s U23 CX riders use power meters in races?

      The UCI has settled on looking for the magnetic field of the motor, which seems to be working as they caught Van den Driessche soon after the new field detectors were brought into use.


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