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  • Strydz

    Go away Riis! You’ve done enough harm already

  • Everyone get Oleg’s 60% reference?

    • Dave C

      Sorry no. Can you explain?

      • Alex Pedersen

        Back in Riis racing days, his hematocrit was so high he was known as Mr. 60%.

        • velocite

          Hilarious! I like Oleg: breath of fresh air.

      • CJ Blanc

        PO, edgar alan. Old mate had veins thick with it as a racer.

    • CJ Blanc

      Mr 60%

  • Larry @CycleItalia

    Is it April 1st already? Velon’s going to save pro cycling by selling on-board video and telemetry while Mr. 60%’s going to fund his team by selling places at a villa in Tuscany?


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