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  • George Hayduke

    So, what is it the Wall Street Journal states? Quotes? Sources? Or is it only hearsay like the last article about this rumor? It sounds like they have an interest in sports, cycling is a sport, therefore they look to purchase ASO. Am I really supposed to make that leap?

    • Shane Stokes

      The Wall Street Journal states what is indicated above. You don’t have to make any leap.

  • roddders

    Can’t see ASO selling, especially to the Chinese.

    • velocite

      Why not, rodders? Wouldn’t they have their price?

      I do wonder, though, what machinery the French Government might have to review foreign investments.

      But if this sort of thing eventuates the current ASO-UCI standoff is put into perspective.

      • roddders

        Because if someone with little respect for tradition gets involved, the tour will die. All this talk of revenue share and on-bike camera footage is bs. ASO do the hard work in developing the tour and making it a great event. As soon as this formula starts being messed with it’ll be down hill fast. The French public tolerate their event each summer. No way will they tolerate a foreign owned event doing the same.

        • velocite

          You may be right about what might happen to the Tour if the Chinese bought it, though I don’t think so. But I doubt that thought would stop ASO from selling it if the price was right.

          • roddders

            the french are generally less infatuated with money than the UK / USA and tradition counts for much more.

            • Dave


              Unlike in Australia where it is actively encouraged, blocking foreign attempts to buy out French companies is quite a popular public policy issue. Even though ASO would be small potatoes compared to companies worth billions of euros, the symbolic value would be huge for the party in power.

  • J Evans

    It was evident from the start that the deal with Velon was about a lot more than just sharing data and on-bike footage – billionaires don’t focus on such trivialities.

    The teams in Velon are trying to grab power and the UCI is siding with them because they want the power and money instead of ASO.

    ASO have only their own interests at heart, but – fortunately for the cycling public for the last hundred years – their interests are their races.

    The interests of very rich people tend to be money, rather than sport, history or affordable TV access for the public.

    The interests of Velon are clearly an attempt to make more money out of cycling than is actually there (it’s just not that popular a sport – they need to accept that). In any sport, the teams should not be in control. These teams seem to think they’re owed something – but they’ve done very little for the sport.

    By siding with Velon, the UCI puts its own existence at risk – certainly its relevance.

    The ASO might not be wonderful, but look at the others in this: rich, greedy, selfish teams; incompetent (at best) UCI; a man with the ethics necessary to become the richest man in a regime like China.


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