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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017
  • ChinookPass

    ha ha, suspension for Katusha will n-e-v-e-r happen.

    • Mo

      it will never happen to any team. If I remember correctly, I think Cookson once said taking legal actions against riders/teams is really hard and doesn’t usually end for UCI favor.

      • I think if they manage to come up with a single excuse why they shouldn’t be banned it never seems to happen. For all the talk of long bans and heavy fines, there’s always some sort of grey area introduced to obsfucate matters as much as possible – reminded us of this great defence… http://bikesy.co.uk/features/just-for-fun/every-time-a-pro-racer-gets-caught-cheating/

        • Ron Jeremy

          Oh behave Tony! You naughty boy….

      • Dave

        It worked in the case of Androni-Sidermec last year, they were given a 30 day suspension after the second positive in a row.

        But all that goes to show is the danger of doing business in that world without having anything to hold over the UCI President’s head. It’s not a bit less corrupt than it was under Pat McQuaid.

        • As a resident of the Uk I was really hoping that the sport would change dramatically after all the talk of Cookson taking over. I’m not sure how much longer he can claim to be the ‘new broom’ for without actually sweeping something up.

          • Dave

            I was never that enthusiastic, because I knew about the connections to Vladimir Putin from the start.

    • Dave

      I agree – Brian Cookson will certainly remember who put him on the throne.

  • Walmart

    Come on Mr Rogers, call for a life ban for the team. If it’s good enough for one instance of ‘mechanical doping’ surely it is here, the latest in a string of positives for the team over several years.

    • Kenneth Sanders

      couldn’t agree more!

  • TomsK

    Mildronats – very popular drug in the region, cheap also – 6 eur for 20 day’s course, but the claimed performance benefit is doubtful. Surprise is that it was added to prohibited drug list… may e because of the motivation of the users, not the real performance gains.

  • Juan

    Sweet kit though

    • yes shame he won’t get to wear it much!

  • Dan

    Ban him, but not the team, Paolini’s case is an oddball and not really a doping case in my eyes, more another troubled Italian cyclist resorting to illegal drugs case. By all means caution the team but banning for 45 days seems excessive given the two cases, even if normally I’m all for throwing the book.

    • Sean Doyle

      My only comment here is if a guy is prepared to take drugs in his personal life then there is no doubt he will resort to it in his professional life and more likely in my mind. But I get what you are proposing. If Cookson et al. are going to play this by the rules, which they have to, then his case is at odds it would seem.

    • Dave

      The shortest suspension allowed by rule 7.12 is 15 days, with the maximum of 45 days. So far the rule has been applied just once, with the suspension in that case being 30 days.

      I would guess that Katusha would get away with having the suspension lifted though, as the rule allows for them to make the case that the team management and team staff had nothing to do with one of the riders’ rulings. With the connections they have and the embarrassing nature of Paolini’s being for cocaine, this shouldn’t be hard.

  • Nitro

    I’m sure I remember a line saying “We recognise that we have an image problem, so we’re changing the look of our team kit”…

    I’m pretty sure that if they hire me as an external consultant for a day or so I’ll be able to put my finger on exactly where their “image problem” is coming from…

    Oh look – I found it already… “Vorganov’s is the eighth doping case for Katusha since its inception in 2009”


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August 24, 2017
August 23, 2017
August 22, 2017
August 21, 2017