• Fred

    Here’s to a swift recovery!

  • Gavin Adkins

    It’s really fantastic to see that his recovery seems to be going really well. One thing about this article bugs me though, the sentence: “No brain injuries.” He was in and out of consciousness and can’t remember exactly what happened. I’m not a doctor, but my understanding is that is a brain injury, a pretty serious one too. It sounds like he is not showing any signs of lasting cognitive impairment, which again is fantastic, but a concussion is a serious injury. I know I’m being pedantic, but knocks to the head are not taken seriously enough.

    • Neal Rogers

      Fair point, Gavin. My understanding was that Chad went into shock, and was then fairly quickly was transported by helicopter, into surgery (and sedation). He had no skull fracture, and no signs of concussion or traumatic brain injury (TBI). His words were “I don’t have much memory of any of it. I was told I was talking most of the time, but I was in shock, and I’ve blocked out most of the memories.” I certainly didn’t intend to downplay it, but to stress that he never lost consciousness, and had full cognitive abilities as soon as he emerged from sedation.


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