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  • Andy B

    it makes sense to line up the Australian races around the tour down under
    Its a big ask to have some international riders come out here just for a few days racing so if they can tie it in with Tour down under, Cadels race, Sun tour and get a good block of racing done I think there is more chance of drawing big names

    Its been great to watch the summer of racing in Australia :) lots of action
    I was actually surprised to see froomey win

  • Jerome

    This summer has got me thinking, ignoring the UCI classification, in what order of importance would you place the australian summer of races? Ive been thinking:
    Road NC>TDU overall>TT NC>TDU stage>HST overall>Crit NC>CGORR>HST stage>Bay Crits overall>Bay Crits stage

    • Andy B

      Road NC>TDU overall>TT NC>HST overall>CGORR>TDU stage>Crit NC>HST stage>Bay Crits overall>Bay Crits stage

    • Depends on whose perspective you’re looking at it from. A fan’s or a rider’s? And if it’s from a rider’s perspective, are we talking about a Euro pro like Simon Gerrans, or a domestic pro like Pat Shaw?

      • Jerome

        Lets be realistic and restrict it to an Australian perspective, and from there I’d say that the prestige is identical from all points of view, some fans may be from different locations (Vic vs SA) or certain riders may not have access to all levels of races but that’s why they are of different prestige.

        • Juan

          No mention of Heffron?

  • Byron Mitchell

    I was a little surprised that the people walking around asking punters in the crowd to complete a survey didn’t include the questions “did having chris froome here impact your decision to come and watch” & “did the earlier start time impact your decision to come and watch”

    It was by the far the biggest crowd of the races I’ve gone to watch on Arthurs seat and the earlier timeslot was great as I had to ride back to sorrento, catch a ferry and then ride back to Geelong.

  • Robert Merkel

    Dunno what he was like in private but in public you’d have to say that Froome was the perfect “guest star”.

    Comes in, does lots of media, good with the crowds, and puts on a good show when it would have been easy for him to just sit in the bunch

    • Dale Smith

      It’s not often Froomey gets it wrong. And when there’s a race he races! Gotta admire that.

  • Pete

    The next step to grow this event could be a kermesse style stage on Beach Rd up & down the Sandringham-Mentone ‘hilly’ section, with the a central start/finish area near the clock tower. Run it on the Friday evening after peak hour. Might not be easy to get the road closure, but if late enough… otherwise do it on the Saturday. Would imagine some good crowds would get down for that and local business would benefit.

    • Or simply bring back the Lygon Street crit? I have fond memories of that stage.

      • Andy B

        I was in Melbourne from friday evening til sunday night but the logistics of getting to see any of the stages without a car or bike were a bit tough to manage, would have been great if something was on closer to the city
        Friday evening race would have been great

      • Pete

        Circuit courses around iconic local routes – Beach Rd, 2Bays loop and a 1in20 ITT.

        • De Mac

          Sorry mate – but they are boring biscuits. The racers WANT to race hard and this year’s parcours provided that – in spades. Yes, people may have had to travel a bit, but why not invest some time and coin in the country areas – you never know how good they are until you visit them…

    • Dave

      Replacing the prologue with a couple of half-stages (short TT + crit) might not be a bad option for the opening day.

  • Craig

    Let’s hope the H. Sun Tour gets its much wanted UCI classification upgrade to at least the next level of 2.HC

  • Arfy

    Looking at it from a local media coverage perspective, it’s at the right time of year. It’s after the domestic BBL cricket and the Australian Open tennis, and before the footy kicks in. Of course the HS is a naming-rights sponsor, but they have a lot of coverage in Melbourne and it’s been good to see cycling as the main feature on the back page of the paper for the past week. Hopefully the TV executives get a bit excited about the crowds, it shows there’s demand for people to watch the race live and not a late-night highlights package. Getting the household names like Froome into the race helps lift the sport’s profile, it can only be a good thing for cycling in a sports-mad city like Melbourne.

  • Siim

    Sa varastasid meie lipu


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