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  • Belgium Bike

    Bioracer Master speed suit… You need it to brake it ;)

  • Robert Merkel

    Great ride by Stevens.

    That said, I’m surprised she didn’t knock off the Longo mark as well, given Bridie’s mark and the massive advantage that altitude offers.

    I suspect we haven’t seen the Wiggo mark yet for the women’s hour.

    • Tonyawtower2

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    • Dave

      Altitude does not offer a *massive* advantage for endurance events because they require a sustained aerobic effort rather than a short anaerobic effort.

      Out of the other five endurance track World Records (Hour Record, men’s 4000m Individual Pursuit, women’s 3000m Individual Pursuit, men’s and women’s 4000m Team Pursuit) only the women’s individual pursuit record was set at high altitude. That’s despite the recent years having had many World Cup meets at Aguascalientes (the fastest track in the world for sprint track events with 5/6 current world records for the men’s/women’s Flying 200m, women’s 500m TT, men’s Kilo TT and men’s/women’s Team Sprints) and the World Championships at Cali a couple of years ago.

      I would tip Linda Villumsen, Ellen van Dijk or Anna van der Breggen to set the ‘Wiggo mark’ at some point before the end of next year. The best time trial rider will take the record regardless of the altitude.

      • Robert Merkel

        My understanding is that maximal aerobic efforts over ~5mins (ie IP and TP) have their power outputs more affected by altitude than more sustained efforts (the hour).

        As to your candidates for future attempts, If they don’t, I wonder if Kristin Armstrong would give it a crack?

        • Dave

          Hasn’t she retired?

          Interest in the women’s record could be further consolidated by ITT stages at major stage races and stand-alone ITT championship events being lengthened to the same sort of 45-55km lengths that the men face, especially at events where there is equal prizemoney to provide additional justification for an equal course.

      • Simon L

        Higher altitude = thinner air = reduced drag. That’s the advantage

        • Dave

          It’s not all good news though.

          Higher altitude = thinner air = less oxygen for the rider to breathe.

          A strong time triallist with track experience (like Bradley Wiggins, for example) will be better at holding a good aero position and holding their line on the track. That allows them to minimise the disadvantage of riding at low altitude, while still getting the maximum advantage of more oxygen.

  • Mark Blackwell

    Bridie O’Donnell was admirably gracious in her comment, and I can but agree… watching the resurgence of interest in the hour record over the past year or so has been fantastic.

    Wonder if the age-group records have seen a similar resurgence of interest? Anyone out there thinking about having a go?

    • jules

      like when Jens set the men’s record, Bridie isn’t at the pointy tip of pro/elite women’s endurance cycling, so it was a fantastic achievement and your name will always be in the record books. gotta be happy with that.


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