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  • aradilon

    Well i think they only want teams that don’t argue with them about riding in the hot weather (like last year), they just want yes-sayers no teams that have an own opinion. They aren’t used to own opinions in those states!

    • Richard Bruton

      Am I right in thinking that Tom B and Fabian C were the ones who neutralised the race in the heat, when the bunch stopped under a bridge?

      • aradilon

        Yep they did and the organisation didn’t like it at all, but if tubes start popping because of the temperatures i think they had to do it!

      • Dave

        Wasn’t that in Abu Dhabi, not Qatar?

  • Ed E W

    Those camel riders are total racists.

    • mattc

      Having read your comments on other forums, being racist (and sexist) appears to be something you are more than qualified to comment on.

      • Neal Rogers

        Ed’s comment has been deleted.

  • sumorider

    They’re more than welcome to come race on the SunTour :P

  • Obviously we don’t know the full story but I think it’s great a team had the privilege taken away from them……maybe they really were a pain in the arse?


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