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  • Mk

    Maybe instead of young riders expecting everything free the teams could pay more towards the events and less on equipment etc. if pros in Italy pay to ride, surely NRS teams can ask the same.

    Maybe this is just how it has to be for a few years till Australian races generate the levels of publicity that will justify adequate sponsorship.

    Cycling Austrslia could no doubt do more as could the State organisations. They are all really just taking without adding value.

  • Paolo

    If you read Nick Greens statements, it’s all hot air copied out of some business course. Seems to be the standard now. When i think about Cycling NSW and the statements when they looked for a new CEO and what happened since, holly molly….talk is cheap.

  • Faz

    Any truth in the rumour that CA is closing the Sydney office and moving back to Melbourne?

    • Sean

      I heard that also.


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