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  • Cameron Harris

    You mean technological fraud, right? Shane, mechanical doping sounds stupid.

    • George Darroch

      Mechanical doping is what it has been known as for years. You’ll get used to it.

      • Cameron Harris

        Repetition doesn’t make it right. You’ll see the correct name in the UCI regulations.

    • Steve S

      Know what you mean, it just sounds like some dumb phrase someone made up.

  • MFB

    Curious as to what shady manufacturers are actually producing the components as pictured.

    • Dave

      There’s nothing shady about power-assisted bicycles, they are excellent tools for allowing normal cyclists to extend their range without needing all the special accoutrements associated with sport cycling.

      It’s only the usage in bike races that’s remotely of concern, and even then it’s just a matter for the organising body to deal with rather than an actual crime.


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