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  • Legstrong

    I’m hoping they would give her a lifetime ban since the local Flemish anti-doping organization is a no-show.

    “While the UCI already prohibits mechanical doping, there is no such explicit prohibition in the Flemish anti-doping regulations. As a result her ban could end up being 6 months, as opposed to 4 years, which is what is allegedly being sought in this case by the Flemish anti-doping agency and WADA.”


    • Dave

      Of course the local and international anti-doping agencies won’t get involved, that article is taking a massive flight of fancy in even suggesting they would be remotely interested.

      ASADA doesn’t have have rules against mechanical doping in cycling either, and neither would they get involved if a soccer player goes in spikes up or a runner makes a false start. They only deal with doping – or pharma doping as the UCI President/Jester would call it to make sure there’s a distinction from his favoured term for the mechanical version.

      • JBS

        Another reason to stop using the term “motorized doping”, maybe. To stop people thinking that it has anything what so ever to do with WADA et al?

  • Cameron Harris

    Can we please, please stop using / encouraging the phrase ‘mechanical doping’? It’s stupid.

    • “Motoring”?

    • Jonathan Burgess

      I just call it cheating. Ban her for life.

    • JBS

      Just call it what it is, “mechanical cheating”.

  • CB

    Maybe she could argue the motor was for recreational use only? Worked for Paolini and Katusha.

  • Robert Merkel

    Some questions:

    * Is the UCI going to publish a summary of the case and decision, or will they just announce the outcome?
    * Is the UCI going to do a show-and-tell of the bike once the case is complete?

    • O’Malley

      Is the UCI ever going to institute a policy of protecting the identity of athletes whilst infringement proceedings are ongoing?

      • Robert Merkel

        I can’t see how that’s practical. If the commissaires ping you at a race, there’s nowhere to do it privately.

      • Cameron Harris

        If they did, they’d need to also implement a policy to have their investigation and hearing processes move at something faster than the current glacial pace, otherwise you have the privately accused competing against those racing on bread & water.

        Unless there was an agreed code word for athletes under investigation? “I’m not racing the TdF – I’m tapering”.


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