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  • Dave

    If they want the return to be plausible, it needs to be under a new name – Tour of Colorado maybe?

    In addition to the old name being a bit naff and sounding like it was a token effort, cancelling the 2016 edition means its credibility is now shot.

    • Ronin

      Some amateur race organizer owns “Tour of Colorado” and would not give it over without a large cash payment, IIRC. The race organizers balked. Hence, the goofy names. Myself, I referred to it as, “the Colorado race.”

      • jules

        who cares if it’s called Tour of Colorado, or whatever? that can’t be the major issue with it’s viability

    • Hamish Moffatt

      Yeah it’s always sounded more like a sportive than a professional race.

  • Paul

    great article

  • Art Wetherall

    Sounds like some bad blood. Did you try and contact the Schadens for a comment?

  • jules

    more evidence that pro cycling cannot stand on its own 2 legs and relies on wealthy benefactors who often seem to have built their wealth with questionable ethical business practices.

    • Robert Merkel

      To be fair, there are plenty of other sports that have attracted their fair share of dodgy characters. Take soccer and cricket for instance. Not only is FIFA institutionally corrupt, half of the top European club teams seem to be own by dodgy Russian oligarchs. As for cricket, look at Lalit Modi and Jack Warner for a start.

      • jules

        to me the difference is that cycling relies on them. soccer is flush with money and while still impacted by corruption, they can and I believe are addressing it – certainly Sepp Blatter is gone. but cycling is a sport that doesn’t seem to be able to pay its own way and is potentially compromised when these wealthy figures come along. although I’m not suggesting the Schadens have corrupted cycling.

        • Dave

          Also worth pointing out that of the two figures named in cricket, Lalit Modi is well and truly gone from cricket and Jack Warner is from soccer.

  • Nard Dog

    I’ve never heard anyone say ‘from big things bigger things grow’. Typical American cycle race story.

  • Willbert

    As a Colorado resident I feel that this race did a very poor job of promoting itself and failed to provide exciting stages. It seemed that every year was the same. A visit to Aspen, check. A visit to Breckenridge, check. Denver, Vail etc. etc. etc. I realize that the race needs to visit these population centers but route creativity was virtually nonexistent. Colorado is a huge state with tons of beautiful and challenging roads yet the race managed to visit the same ones over and over. I also believe the altitude sets the racing back quite a bit. These guys are world class cyclists, but trying to throw an attack at 10,000’+ is simply not going to happen. You can try, but it will last 30 seconds and the guys riding tempo behind will just catch right back up to you. What that means is you’ll get the same type of racing on all of the large mountain passes. On a similar note, these large passes, with a few exceptions, are all truck gradients so none of them are very steep. The lack of steep gradients and extreme altitude all plays into the hands of repetitive stages and tactics. Personally, I feel that the race should stay east of the continental divide and in the Front Range just west of the Denver metro area. The vast majority of Colorado’s population lives in this area and will bring out the most spectators. A day or two further west, maybe a day east of the mountains out in the wind-swept and brutally hot plains might spice up the race. The front range hosts the most varied types of climbing, from super steep to the lower truck gradients. The elevation is also much lower so you might get more of the huge attacks we fans have become some accustomed to. If the race were to provide more exciting racing and have it in areas that are more accessible, I feel that more companies will be inclined to support it financially. With that said, I will miss watching these guys race their hearts out on the roads I have become so familiar with.


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