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  • Robert Merkel

    Given the advantage of the high altitude track she should take this if near peak form, even allowing for her relative inexperience on the track.

    However, getting the pacing right will be interesting, given the goal of smashing the record rather than just setting a new mark. It runs the risk of repeating Jack Bobridge’s mistake.

    It’s easy to see this track becoming the default venue for record attempts, given the altitude and the location.

    Good luck to her and her team.

    • Dave

      The main reason this will be interesting is because Stevens will be the first of the big guns from women’s road cycling to have a crack at it. Hopefully it will provoke Ellen van Dijk and Linda Villumsen into action!

      In endurance track events, altitude is not necessarily an advantage because of the lower oxygen density. All but one of the current world records in endurance track events were set at low altitude tracks, with the shorter race probably being the reason that the women’s 3000m individual pursuit is the only one set at high altitude.

      Since the hour record rules were reopened to track bikes and time trial bikes in 2013, only one of the eight attempts on the absolute record was made at altitude (Thomas Dekker) and resulted in a failure. The women’s hour record had one successful attempt at Aguascalientes (Molly Shaffer Van Houweling) before it was then broken at Adelaide which is not only at sea level but also regarded by many as a pretty dead track.

      The choice of the brand new concrete track at Colorado Springs over the boards at Aguascalientes (higher altitude, milder winter temperatures and a swag of current track world records) is interesting. I wonder what the last time was that a world record in any track event was set on a concrete track or a track longer than 250 metres?


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