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  • Simon

    Possibly the most insightful comments yet on this whole sorry saga.

    • A

      Really?? How so???

      • RayG

        Because it wasn’t outrage calling for a lynch mob?

        • Carol Adkins

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      • RayG

        Because it wasn’t outrage calling for a lynch mob?

      • Dave

        Because – amongst all the punters and pundits arguing for/against short bans, long bans and life bans – this is the first time that we’ve heard any comment from one of her peers.

        If her peers cannot accept her back, Van den Driessche should not be welcomed back into the sport.

        • A

          That doesn’t make it the ‘most insightful sofar’… I felt her comments were a repeat of what others had said (nothing wrong with that btw).

          • Dave

            Of course it is more insightful.

            Not one other previous comment revealed anything about how it affects those to whom it actually matters.

            • A

              Huh? I just can’t see that, this has implications across the entire sport? It is not just relevant to women athletes…

              • Dave

                If you cannot see that there are both implications for the whole cycling community and a different (but overlapping) set of implications for the women’s CX riders, I can only presume you are deliberately refusing to engage with the issue.

                To put it simply, the big issue for the whole sport is that the deterrent has failed and needs to be fixed, while the issue for the women’s CX riders is how this case gets handled. Both aspects need proper attention, and neither should be focused on to the exclusion of the other.

                This will be particularly important when the UCI Disciplinary Commission panel comes to the point of handing down a sanction. The panel should consult the Athletes Commission and a number of respected women’s CX riders to make sure the UCI is not getting out of touch with the riders and storing up an issue for a few years down the track.

                • A

                  ‘while the issue for the women’s CX riders is how this case gets handled’…

                  The UCI handles it. Doesn’t matter female or male. Not so complex mate.

                  So are women comments on mens cycling less valid than mens comments on mens cycling? Too be honest I think you’re comments are biased and sexist…

            • Samaway

              Can Vos really say anything else, though? The public responses to blood doping, at least since about 1998, have been very much one of strong condemnation whilst many riders–even those who condemn it–continue(d) to engage in the practice. It’s not to say Vos is right or wrong, but simply to point out that in the context of a “scandal” people have a very limited range of discourses available to them…

            • ummm…

              What insight? It is the same thing that all riders would say whether they dope or not.

  • Adam Fuller

    Can we see some photos and technical details of what was in “her” bike?

    • Sven

      I suspect we’ll have to wait for the UCI Disciplinary Committee to release it’s findings.

      • Anne-Marije Rook

        Sven is correct. We have yet to hear or see any details about the motor

  • James

    Did I miss something in this saga? “By now the UCI has confirmed that the technical fraud committed was in fact a motor found inside the frame of Femke Van den Driessche…” I thought that no finding had been handed down as yet.


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