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  • Arfy

    Cav’s got to put on weight for Rio to maximise his power. He’ll want to have a road season that stays pretty much on flat courses, and I’m expecting he’ll pull out of the Tour before they get into the mountains – which I’m sure he’ll be happy to do. But it would be interesting if he was overlooked for Rio, what then? Does his team chase the Green Jersey at the Tour and require him to do the whole three weeks? If so he’ll want to drop those kilos fast.

    • Bill Hostile

      I’d be surprised if Cavendish would be happy missing the great sprint showdown on the Champs Elysee, never mind his team’s sponsors. I can understand Cavendish wanting to tick the Olympic box and admire the ambition but I wish he’d concentrated his winter training on being the dog’s bollocks on the road. He isn’t getting younger, the young bucks are getting faster and his contemporaries keep on keeping on. Another Milan Sanremo, Paris TDF stage win or World road race title would show he still had it where it really mattered. But good luck to him. And thanks for the article.

      • Dave

        He’s left the Tour early to focus on the Olympic Road Race before.

        I don’t blame him, what can he possibly do on the road that he hasn’t already achieved? It’s not like it’s a flight of fancy either, he signalled his intentions before he switched to his current team so they won’t be blindsided – if anything I expect them to organise for another rider to pair up with Cav in doing thee next track season’s six day races as a Team Dimension Data entry.

  • Legstrong

    I want to see great sprint battles this season. However, I found it hard to see that. In Dubai tour this year, Cavs wasn’t even close on Kittel’s tail, even after getting a full draft from Kittel’s much bigger body. In my opinion, his glory days are gone and this is year is going to be Kittel’s year.

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Cav must be just eager to face off against Gaviria before he sets his sights fully on the road next season.
    I’m very slowly coming around to the Omnium. Initially it wasn’t as accessible as individual events, but just like you mentioned riders must learn their rivals strengths and weaknesses, if you keep on track of World Cup and championship results it makes the Olympic version that much more interesting.
    Australia’s O’Shea was world champ heading into London ’12 and wasn’t given any leash during the deciding point race. Will be fascinating watching Cav trying to sneak a lap if he’s still in contention at that stage of the event in Reo.

    • Dave

      London 2012 was contested under the previous format where the points race was the second race and awarded only the Omnium points 18-17-16-15… for position, with the deciding event being the time trial.

      The tweak to put the points race at the end and change the point scale only came in mid-2014.

      • VerticallyCompliant

        Are some events worth more points now? Wow just when I thought I could follow track cycling they go and change it again.

        • Dave

          As of the 2014-15 season, the points race has shifted to the end where previously the 1000/500m time trial finished it. You must have been thinking of a different event with O’Shea, he only had a mathematical chance of a medal at London 2012 by the time it came to the final time trial.

          The first five events award Omnium points 40-38-36-34… and then the points from sprints (5-3-2-1) and laps (+/-20) go directly onto the Omnium points total – much like how the daily Madisons work in a six day race. Any ties in the final points standings get broken by the positions in the final sprint of the points race.

          It’s a much more exciting format in my opinion, only being let down by the continued use of 250m tracks – when the Track World Championships are held at a 250m track they should not include the Madison and Omnium, with those events being contested at a separate three day meet on a track no longer than 200m.


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