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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017
  • Toad734

    Ya, like taking my brother out on some big hills on our first ride together then it starts raining and on the last hill he locks his brakes up, crashes and breaks his arm…Too much, too fast. Should have started on flats….Although being from Chicago, I was not used to these types of hills either but probably had a thousand miles on him that year.

  • roklando

    There’s a dude on our Sunday group, he’s a big local cycling figure, activist, organiser, must be in his late 60s early 70s. He rides all year on SPD sandals; winter, summer, no matter. I only wish I can ride like he does when I get to his age, I’ll even get some Keens.

  • kamoteQ

    Riders who turn rides into hammerfests all the time.

  • Dexter Deveau

    I’d add riding with someone who put’s themselves and others into danger. Last year in Vancouver, had a buddy who thought he was gods gift to cycling end up under a SUV, luckily he as okay in the end, well actually months after neurologist visits and lots of physio, but nonetheless, will NOT be riding with him anytime soon that’s for sure.

    • Dave Miller

      we’ve seen that guy here too. Landed himself, and even hit another rider as he wrecked himself, on a life-flight by helicopter to hospital and still, just as dumb and riding dangerously.

  • Roger That

    Heroic breakaway riders that breakaway and ride super-hard away from the friendly bunch ride that they organised in the first place.

    • a different ben

      Not sure where the problem is here — seems like self-selection and good riddance! At least you got to meet some new people :)

  • One word. Guilty.

    • MalindaRKyser

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    • David Koepfinger

      I as well

  • Jenn Longs

    But… but i LOVE my SPD Keen riding sandals! :’-(

    • Peter Treloar

      So do I…!!!. now onto my second pair :-)

      • Jenn Longs

        My first pair of SPD sandals were Shimano (bought in 2004) and the rubber soles disintegrated after 2 summers. Keens much more reliable. Heavy suckers though. No weight-weenies will be wearing these on a road ride.

  • lefthandside

    I’ve tried all of these but people still come riding with me – do you have any other suggestions?? ;)

    • Spider

      Don’t wash your jersey….had a bloke pass me last weekend in un-fresh kit…..whoa!!!!

      • Pete23

        yeah +1 for that for sure

  • pauldr

    Turning up late…

  • I turn up in mud stained jeans and filthy shirt, old mud encrusted trainers, on fat boy cycle, a backpack with spare old clothes for when I got even wetter & muddier to return home a little more comfortable; light lunch, chocolate, drink, plastic bags for wet kit – for an ‘extreme off-road cycle’ I told my friends. They arrive on a hybrid & road bike, new skinny jeans, expensive jackets, new trainers, no spare kit or changes, no drink – ‘we’ll buy it if we need it’ (what shops in a field / forest ?). We start, uphill by road, downhill off road mud tracks, I whizz down in three minutes & wait fifteen minutes – I hear screaming, shrieks, normal road brakes screeching, panic, cursing, see muddy trainers, more cursing, ‘can’t do this’ – ‘forget it’ – Wipe down bikes & riders delicately & ride around through towns then ! Dammit.

  • Stian Pollestad

    If you bring candy…share it.

  • David Koepfinger

    Not a proficient rider myself, but am guilty of doing this to those less than I


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September 21, 2017
September 20, 2017
September 19, 2017
September 18, 2017