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  • olmowebb

    Great article Matthew. Your words are a very picturesque scene of what goes on around the actual racing. It’s the way I’ve imagined it to be, and would like to keep that mental image. The reality that the media shows is a drag sometimes.

    I hope there are more articles from you in the future.

  • Will

    More on this four minutes to clean a bike please? That’s a skill I’d like to have.

  • Love your work Matt! Great to see you back in the sport.

    • Matthew Beaudin

      Thanks for having me wade. Should be fun!

  • I think I start to understand… JV made a good move in hiring you, and saw that not everything in Pro Cycling is about sporting results any longer.

    The way this article was written is very similar to how the columns by some riders have been written.

    I wondered if there was a ghost writer on the inside of the team, but it turns out, there is an actual editor.

    Kudos. While a lot of teams scramble to win the social media game, you guys have actually figured out a way to make content that readers want to read.

    • Matthew Beaudin

      It could, but thus far I’ve not been involved in that process. thanks for asking!

  • Now this is awesome. Thank you for starting my Friday with something this good.

    • Matthew Beaudin

      More to come we hope…

  • jon

    I’ve always liked his writing style. There is a certain amount of romanticism with words, very different from the traditional who, when, where, and what reportages. Good Luck!

    • Matthew Beaudin

      Thanks Jon!

      • jon

        Matthew, I’ve followed your writings since your days at Velonews, your style, it’s distinctively and a welcoming different. keep up the good work man.


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