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  • Willbert


  • David9482

    Really interesting – glad Bo Knows how great riding is

  • Gustavo Cinci

    Very cool article, Mr Rogers. Love to see unconventional sports figures (for the cycling world) taking in the sport and enjoying it. I was aware that Barry Bonds was a roadie, but not Bo Jackson. One small criticism on this article: calling this gentleman “arguably the best athlete on the planet” is a rather absurd stretch, to say the least. I understand you love football, but cyclingtips is an Australian site that caters to the world of cycling. Football is not a world sport, and football athletes may be good, skilled, quick on their feet and above all, fearless. All commendable qualities in an athlete, but best world athlete he was not. Such statement disregards other roadies, real football (soccer) players, not to mention Rugby and Aussie Rules. All of which have athletes that supersede (american) footballers in fitness, any time of the day. But sure is a refreshing article. Your coming to cyclingtips sure has risen the game of cycling-related news sources. Good job.

    • Dave

      Bo Jackson is often referred to as the “world’s greatest athlete” due to his ability to excel at the top level of several different sports, specifically football, baseball and athletics. No one has since done so in the same way.

      • Rebajburns4

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    • Legstrong

      I agree with Dave. While I understood your argument, I think Neal was referencing Bo as the greatest athlete in general since every sport Bo got into, he always came on top. Let’s not argue which sport has better athletic ability, fitness, etc. cause that would be an endless and useless argument. HOWEVER, we know for a fact that cycling is the best. ;P

    • David9482

      I get your point that Bo played in sports that definitely weren’t played by most of the world. With that being said, I’m fairly certain that Bo could have excelled in more internationally played sports, such as cricket and rugby. He was that great of an athlete. It is difficult to understand why it is so hard for a top NFL player not to also be good at baseball, but if it wasn’t that hard, there’d be a lot more examples of cross-over superstars, but…. there really aren’t any.

      • One thing that I cannot emphasis enough is the deep talent pool that these athletes (baseball, football, etc) rise to the top from. I love cycling and have a deep respect for it, but in terms of athleticism, talent and hard work, endurance athletes don’t come close to these athletes, never mind what Bo Jackson accomplished. I understand that it’s not an apples to apples comparison though.

        • jules

          I understand on the depth of talent – US sports like NFL draw from a very deep pool of talent – but is it true to say they work harder than endurance athletes? I played basketball for many years (at a very un-elite level, but competitive) and there were always guys who were just good – natural talent goes a long way. I know they work hard at the elite level, but Scott McGrory wrote an interesting blog on this a while back and in terms of workload he reckons elite cyclists were a long way ahead. He was fitness coach at the Blues for a while.

          maybe you could compare elite cycling with elite ice hockey for us? ;)

          • I can’t argue hard work for all professional athletes – they all work incredibly hard. But combined with genetics and sheer talent and practise is what separates the athletes in these “ball sports”.

    • Neal Rogers

      Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it.

      In regards to athleticism… fitness is one measure. Strength, agility, coordination, and endurance are, as well. As for Bo Jackson’s athleticism, I included this sentence for a reason: “He was also a two-time decathlon state champion.”

  • Tom Richardson

    I always admired Bo Jackson. Still do. Great interview.

  • Avuncular

    Never heard of him but good luck to him in his ventures.

    • Neal’s opening statement, “During the 1980s, Bo Jackson was arguably the best athlete on the planet” is something I wouldn’t argue with. I’m not sure the world will ever see anything like him again.

      • C Grade Cyclist

        So he’s the male version of Ellyse Perry…?? Australian cricket team in summer and Australian soccer team in winter… :-)

    • ROBObot

      Need heard of him??? Been under a rock? What serious athlete doesn’t know of Bo Jackson?

      • Avuncular

        Many outside the USA have no interest in its mainstream sports. In my case I have very little interest in ball sports apart from playing the occasional round of golf these days. If you quiz me on athletics and cycling I can talk all day. -:)

        • velocite

          Lot’s of us under that rock. It’s a rock that surely covers much of the world.

  • ?ope

    Awesome article, thanks for that.

  • Robert Merkel

    Hadn’t heard of this guy before but playing both pro baseball and football is pretty remarkable.

    There’s any number of athletes who play both to “elite junior” levels but to be able to maintain it all the way into the pro ranks – that’s freaky. Not sure that coaches would allow it today.

    Ellyse Perry is the only other athlete I can think of who has done something comparable in recent times and she’s done it in a much, much shallower talent pool.

    But, yeah, Neal, please be aware that you do have a non-US audience!

  • Saeba R.

    Carl Lewis.

    • Maryjgarcia4

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  • Go watch that ESPN doco – randomly came across that one time. So good. Totally remarkably guy. Must see.

  • 900Aero

    As good as Bo is/was – you really should have at least tipped the hat to Neon Deion Sanders

    • Tom McCormack

      Deion was a freak. I put him up there with Bo Jackson. He also excelled at Athletics in College too. He didn’t win a World Series but rather got to the Finals with the Braves. Two Super Bowl wins but!

  • bigdo

    yeah, been knew about Bo being semi-into cycling…He’s not as deep into it as Bonds or a few other ex-NFL players, but def. the one with the biggest legacy..The “best athlete on the planet” though? Nah, nope, highly disagree. On a sidenote, kind of troubling to hear that he essentially is a banker now.


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