Certified women-friendly: Strongher launches new program to promote women-friendly bike shops

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Strongher, an initiative led but some of the biggest names in the pro women’s peloton, today announced a new program to inspect and certify bike shop based on their women-friendliness.

Shops that meet the set women-friendly guidelines will be awarded the “Strongher Stamp” and be promoted through the Strongher website and by its ambassadors.

“Bike shops are often the first step in the journey of getting women on the bike. Some of the bike shops are equipped with knowledge and materials for women specific demands but many of them don’t,” explained Strongher ambassador Marianne Vos. “With the Strongher stamp we can give women who are new to the sport or women that are looking for a good shop the right service and right experience.”

In order to achieve the Strongher Stamp, shops must to have a female changing room, 30% of products suitable for women and women-friendly service. Higher rating will be given to shops  that also feature a women’s corner, a coffee or tea bar, and shop events specifically targeted at women.

The Strongher Stamp was developed by the ambassadors of Strongher in cooperation with Shimano.

“With Shimano and Pearl Izumi, we have always had a clear focus on providing women’s-specific products, as female cyclists have different anatomy and preferences. The creation of the Strongher platform inspired us to spread the message towards our retail partners that women have different needs to male cyclists,” said Mike Smink, Sr. Marketing Manager at Shimano Benelux.  “By initiating the Strongher Stamp not only will a wider selection of women’s products within cycling stores be promoted, but stores will also offer specific facilities that are appreciated by women, such as decent and comfortable fitting possibilities.”

The shops in turn will be rewarded with recognition and, ultimately, more business by female clients.

Know a shop that meets the requirement? Strongher is looking for your recommendation! Visit this link to recommend your favourite women-friendly bike shop.

Want to know where to shop? Our Ella readers recommended their favourite women-friendly bike shops are the globe. 


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