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  • alex

    I am a fairly serious cyclist and had one of my worst ever “female in a bike shop” moments. I had run to see if I could come in and try a specific wind-trainer the next day. I was assured this was fine and turned up, leaving work early to make it to the shop before it closed only to stand there for about 7 minutes without getting acknowledged. There was only one other group in the shop with two people serving them. I then asked about the trainer and was told “whoops, so-and-so didn’t bring it in today”, despite the same person acknowledging my call the day earlier. He then proceeded to walk off not even trying to give me some information to make up for the effort of getting to their shop – IN THE HOPE OF SPENDING MONEY! Luckily, I rode to a different LBS and was given accurate information. Remind me not to go back to …, there are good options in every city – having a way to find somewhere that will respect you as a female cyclist will be super helpful!

  • KG

    At this year’s TDU, my family – hubby and 3 kids, attended the tour village one evening. I am in the market for a new road bike, so I am a well established road rider, mtb’r as well as a runner. So whilst the husband and my two older children watched the highlights and indulged in dinner, my baby girl and I meandered the tents. Not one of the consultants in the tents acknowledged my presence, even after I perused. On all occasions I waited some time. One gentleman even said he would be a moment, only for me to see him consult with a young man who had just arrived. To say I was unimpressed is an understatement. I have a budget of 5k and yet they missed it. What bugs me is I will still purchase from one of these brands as much as I would as rather not. Was I ignored purely because of assumptions that i was not serious because I was holding a baby? Because I am female? Because men do not rate women in sport? My middle girl kicks my eldest son’s butt in athleticism, skill and coordination and yet the cricket coach automatically hands the bat to my son. International women’s day, lovely sentiment, however it needs to be every day otherswise my girls and i will be fighting the system for many many years to come. It boils down to respect, male or female we are entitled to it equally.


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