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August 18, 2017
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Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

March 23, 2016

Photography by Cor Vos, Kristof Ramon, Oran Kelly


In today’s edition of the Daily News Digest: Bouhanni repeats on stage two of Volta a Catalunya; Dwars door Vlaanderen likely to go ahead, but final decision rests with Belgian government; Dennis forced to withdraw from Volta Ciclista a Catalunya due to illness; Contador looking forward to Catalunya mountains: “I feel in good shape”; Froome awaiting chance to gauge form after long absence from competition; This is my life: the rise, fall and dreams of Li Fuyu; Podcast: What Twitter has done for women’s cycling; USA Cycling website hacked, members instructed to create new passwords; World Cycling League series makes its debut in California; Peter Stetina on his recovery from a brutal accident last year; Heat 2 Car Park Climb; Surviving the Crash: Your Legal Rights in a Bicycle Accident; Setback with Ben King

Bouhanni repeats on stage two of Volta a Catalunya

by Shane Stokes

Once again underlining the jump in his level this year, Nacer Bouhanni sped to a second successive stage victory in the Volta a Catalunya on Tuesday. Benefitting from a fine leadout by his Cofidis team, he showed plenty of pace inside the final 200 metres, leading from the front and holding off Gianni Meersman Etixx – Quick-Step), former world champion Philippe Gilbert (BMC Racing Team), Aleksei Tsatevich (Team Katusha) and the rest of the main bunch.

Wearing the race leader’s jersey, he further bolstered his advantage and ended the day 14 seconds clear of Ben Swift (Team Sky) and Thomas De Gendt (Lotto Soudal).

“This is a very important victory for me and for my team, the fourth of the year,” he said in the post-race press conference. “It is a good way to begin the season. It was a hard, difficult finale for me because it stung a bit [with an uphill on the run in – ed.]. My teammates launched me very well and I hung on to take the victory.”

Early on, De Gendt, Maxime Bouet (Etixx-QuickStep), Kamil Gradek (Verva ActiveJet Pro Cycling Team) and Boris Dron (Wanty-Groupe Gobert) attacked, opening a big lead.

De Gendt was the last to be caught, pushing ahead 25 kilometres from the line. However his solo move wasn’t enough to fend off the chase mounted by Cofidis, who were confident Bouhanni could deliver once again.

Stage 2: Mataró > Olot - Stage Result

Tuesday 22nd March 2016

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Cofidis, Solutions Crédits
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Etixx - Quick Step
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GILBERT Philippe
BMC Racing Team
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Today’s feature image is from last year’s Tour of Flanders and was taken by Cor Vos.

  • Arfy

    It seems that every year there’s a few Aussies who come down with the flu in the European spring. Does this happen more often to those coming from the Summer season into the European cold weather, or is it just we pay more attention to one of our own? I’m also wondering how the teams that have been at training camps in warmer countries have fared compared to those that stayed in colder parts of Europe? It would be interesting to hear from sports doctors, and what strategies they have to avoid sickness in Spring.

    • TheTallCyclist

      Short answer is stress or the more cycling term – (early stages of) overtraining. Coming off the local Australian racing season to just START the bulk of your racing is extremely stressful to all systems in the body. Racing at any level is taxing, no arguments there. Add to that travelling, sometimes across different time zones, sub optimal food, sleeping in a bus and something has to give – usually the immune system. Stress (not just mental/emotional) is a natural phenomenon – though prolonged/sustained stress leads to exhaustion and is very detrimental to health and subsequently performance. Cold weather is certainly contributing though not a single factor.

  • jules

    the best thing you can do to protect your rights and recourse in a collision with a motorist is be using a camera. you can have all the lawyers you like, but without footage 9/10 drivers will grow a fantastic imagination around what happened and 9/10 witnesses won’t want to get involved. those who do are often given to bias – witness testimony is terribly unreliable in general and not necessarily in a random way.

    • sket

      If you can only have one camera, where is the most effective point to mount it? Helmet, front of bike, or back?

      • jules

        you’re not supposed to mount it on your helmet, although the legality of this is debatable. the helmet is a good place for front view.

        if you don’t want to look like an astronaut, it’s better to mount on the bike. for best coverage, you want front and rear cameras. if you only have 1, I’d recommend:
        1. front for city riding.
        2. rear for country riding.

      • velocite

        Best thing would be one of those drones that follow you. One per bunch, maybe!

    • velocite

      Looking forward to the Aussie version of the book. Not very likely?

    • Geoff

      Another factor to remember is that when you are involved in any highly stressful situation, you own memory is likely to be unreliable. This was the case when I was T-boned by another cyclist at the Queensbridge crossing at Southbank, when she jumped a red light and went into my front wheel as I entered the crossing. It was only through reviewing my camera footage that I could confirm with 100% certainty that I did wait for green to start, and that I could confirm what happened. On its own, my mind was a blur. – She was very reasonable (possibly based on the weight of the evidence I had) and willingly covered the cost of emergency repairs to have my wheel trued at my lbs, and then for me to replace my front rim.

      • jules

        very true. you tend to get 2 types of responses:
        1. “I think I….” and

        • Reginarvaughan2

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    • Louisecbrown4

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  • The Potato Man

    That carpark Vid is a great demonstration of why knowing how to go around a corner is so important for road racing. If you can let someone take 3m out of you on every straight, then catch them around every corner, it’s no wonder you can outsprint them at the end.

    • velocite

      Sure. But I would say also that the chap who couldn’t corner really should not have passed when he did. Probably went into the red staying ahead, while if he’d stayed behind he could well have rocketed past approaching the line.

  • Avuncular

    “I don’t know what happened,” says Li, speaking to CyclingIQ now. “I think the food in China was the problem, but I cannot attack my country; I’m Chinese. I love China and things are getting better fast.”
    Fair enough good to love your country but he has to be careful what he says too. Since Xi Jinping came to power the country has gone backward and is even more repressive. As for the food, well everything in China has been compromised during the most rapid industrialisation in human history. The air, the soil, the water and food supply have all suffered. Still if one country can mobilise to try to remedy things, it’s China.

  • treb’

    No one is congratulating Bouhanni for his victories ? He is an agressive, and arrogant, rider as everyone has noticed but right now he is nailing it !

    • Laurens

      If he wins it doesn’t have to be fair, if he loses it’s everybody else’s fault. My colleague and I refer to him as ‘Boohoo-hanni’…

      • zosim

        Applicable to 90% of sprinters. He seems a pretty nice chat from the time I bumped into him on a training ride in the Vosges. Additionally, lets be clear here, he won the red jersey at the Giro with three stage wins, has won two at the Vuelta, he’s hardly an arriviste.


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August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017
August 15, 2017