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Daily News Digest

by Matt de Neef

March 1, 2016


In today’s edition of the CT Daily News Digest: Jakub Mareczko wins a dramatic stage 6 at the Tour de Langkawi; Pro teams react angrily to moto incidents; Pierre Rolland – Tour de France is ‘primary objective’ in 2016 after fresh start; German rider Arnold Fiek survives 12-metre fall into lake during GP Lugano; Sepulveda out for three months after freak accident; Shimano announces 2017 road, mountain components; Your training questions answered with Dig Deep Coaching; Track bike tyre blowout; Tim Johnson’s historic Mount Washington ascent.

Jakub Mareczko wins a dramatic stage 6 at the Tour de Langkawi

by Matt de Neef

Italian Jakub Mareczko (Southeast-Venezuela) took victory on Monday’s stage 6 of the Tour de Langkawi, beating Juraj Sagan (Tinkoff) and Dylan Page (Roth) in the bunch sprint. But the real drama was unfolding behind the stage winner as overall leader Miguel Angel Lopez (Astana) fell foul of a mechanical that would see him slip down the general classification.

Dimension Data’s Reinardt Janse van Rensburg was the main beneficiary, moving from second on GC into the overall lead, after Lopez lost 35 seconds on the stage due to a broken wheel 6km from the finish. Lopez’s woes were compounded when he then rode off-course while trying to rejoin the race.

“I am really sorry for Lopez to lose the jersey in such a way,” said Janse van Rensburg. “It is not the nicest way to take the jersey. I was looking forward to a bit more of a battle for the jersey, but I guess it’s cycling.”

“I missed my chance to go for the victory today,” said Janse van Rensburg, who was caught up 500m from the finish when riders ran into him from behind. “Some guys went straight into me in the corner, they didn’t make the corner. I didn’t know if the guys didn’t see the corner or what, but they just kept on going straight instead of turning.”

Janse van Rensburg was given bunch time as his incident occurred inside the final 2km. With two stages remaining in the 2016 Tour de Langkawi, Janse van Rensburg leads the race by 11 seconds.

Stage 6: Putrajaya > Rembau - Stage Result

Monday 29th February 2016

1. it
Southeast - Venezuela
2. sk
3. ch
PAGE Dylan
Team Roth

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Today’s feature image comes from Cor Vos and was shot at the Tour de Langkawi.

  • Chris_E_Dub

    Who is that UHC rider in the first video and why is he riding his son’s bike? Looks incredibly uncomfortable.

    • Sean

      It does look like he’s on someone else’s spare bike.

      • winkybiker

        I think it just looks small because of the stupid stretched video.

        • Chris_E_Dub

          Definitely a spare — look at that bend in his knees. Surprised he swapped with someone on such a radically different sized frame. I guess needs must!

  • Stretch

    The incident with the moto in KBK was a shocker. But the one at La Drome Classic was rider error. Sure the moto struggled getting around the tight bend and slowed some of the leading riders up a bit, but everyone was accelerating including Wyss when he lost his balance and hit the wall. Don’t know why BMC are so upset?

    • Dave

      BMC are pissed because they copped it badly last year and nothing’s been done about it.

      The moto rider should not have been in the way, and his/her licence to ride in a race convoy should be revoked for the rest of the year with re-admittance subject to retraining. The only things that prevented a serious incident there was the skill of the cyclists and a generous helping of luck.

      It’s not just about this incident, but the fact that all the evidence suggests the UCI doesn’t give a shying flit about rider safety – the President of the UCI may as well have been kidnapped by an obscure guerrilla group from the Caucasian mountains for all the leadership he’s provided on the issue. Somehow I doubt they would be so lazy if a commissaire got knocked off their moto by a team car.

      If the UCI is missing in action and the teams don’t keep up the pressure on this, who will do something about it?

  • Nitro

    Track bike tyre blowout – what an absolutely horrible situation.

    You hear / see / feel the tyre let go, you know what’s going to happen next, you have a pretty good idea of how its going to end, but there’s not a whole lot you can do about it apart from wait for the front wheel to disintegrate in front of your eyes…

    • Andy B

      Ride it into the ground
      they handled it quite well considering!

      • Lach

        I agree! I thought they handled it brilliantly.

      • Rodrigo Diaz

        yeah, well handled… but the stoker seemed to hit the deck pretty hard. Ouch.

      • AmandaPMeyers

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  • Dave

    Any update on the OGE (or more accurately EPO-GE perhaps?) withdrawal from the MPCC yet?

    Considering the tight links between OGE and Cycling Australia, a statement from CA on whether the same changes to doping policy will apply to Orica-AIS, the Jayco-AIS U23 team and national representative teams would be good as well.

    • James

      And why does OGE withdrawing from the MPCC have anything to do with them becoming EPOGE??

    • Nathan

      What changes to doping policy? They may not be a member of MPCC but that hardly indicates a change in doping policy. Their statement made the reasoning pretty clear. Shit stiring much Dave?


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