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August 20, 2017
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Daily News Digest

by Shane Stokes

March 4, 2016

Photography by Kristof Ramon, Cor Vos, Neal Rogers, Shane Stokes


In today’s edition of the Daily News Digest: Rolland and Talansky spearhead Cannondale team in Paris-Nice; ‘It was a colossal meltdown’: Armstrong shares views on doping, Travis Tygart, and today’s Tour de France; Gilbert cleared to start Paris-Nice despite lingering back pain after Omloop Het Nieuwsblad crash;  Europcar stagiaire Guyot killed in traffic accident; Damage to multiple vertebrae but full recovery anticipated for Zardini; UCI rules on wheels and aero tubing look set to be relaxed; Tour de France reaches peace deal over threatened strikes on race; Trek-Segafredo: One Day is All You Need; Rise – Inside Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka Episode 1; Lotto Fix ALL; Strade Bianche countdown video

Rolland and Talansky spearhead Cannondale team in Paris-Nice

by Shane Stokes

Continuing his buildup after an altitude camp in Tenerife, new signing Pierre Rolland will join up with Andrew Talansky and his other Cannondale team-mates in Paris-Nice on Sunday.

The Frenchman said on Thursday that he is motivated to compete in front of home fans. He has finished in the top ten of the Tour de France three times and also taken two stages, and is one of the sport’s best climbers when on form.

“I am always very happy racing in France,” he said. “There are three major competitions for me in France: The Dauphiné, Paris-Nice and the Tour de France. The first round of the major races in France is always an event. Also, I have not raced in front of the French since the Tour de France 2015.”

“It’s a strong team and a balanced one,” said directeur sportif Charly Wegelius. “You could almost divide it into two groups: we have a Classics group based around Dylan Van Baarle, along with Matti Breschel, Paddy Bevin, and Wouter Wippert and a climbing group lead by the Andrew Talansky / Rolland duo, with great support from Lawson Craddock and Tom-Jelte Slagter.”

“A rider in the top 10 in Nice and a stage win somewhere on the way from one of our several options would be a great result.”

Click through to read a full interview with Pierre Rolland on CyclingTips.

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  • VerticallyCompliant

    Still in awe of Wiggo’s massive pull this morning in the team pursuit. Against an amazing Aussie team going the second fastest time ever he took them from behind to a second ahead and blew his team apart in the process.
    If Rio is a fast track the gold medal will take a World Record.
    Go Aussies

    • Dave

      Not bad considering we didn’t even field our first four!

    • Robert Merkel

      Was it just me or did the Aussies win (or Team GB lose) that race at the start?

      As for Wiggo, yes, the man is an absolute machine, but as well as demonstrating what a rider he is, it also demonstrated the importance of a well-balanced and well drilled team.

      But if you took out that dodgy start there’s bugger-all between team GB and the Aussies, and I can’t imagine the Aussies can rely on GB screwing up the start twice. Bring on Rio!

      • Dave

        I agree on the balanced team. Team GB lost it not in the start but when they dropped their fourth guy with 1300m to go and then dropped the third guy on the 13th and 16th laps.

        The Brits will need to bring in some extra firepower if they want to be a factor at Rio when the Aussies will have Edmonson and Bobridge replacing the second stringers.

        As an Aussie, there are fewer sweeter sounds than a pack of British fans booing their guys for losing to Aussies or Germans!

  • Nitro

    “French winemakers angered by Tour de France decision to make a Chilean wine an official partner of the event”

    Not sure what’s more impressive – that someone made the decision that that would be a good sponsorship idea or that there was surprise that the French winemakers got upset…

    Cultural lesson learned?

  • That Strade Bianche video gave me a headache. I prefer this one: two future World Champs duking it out. https://youtu.be/lVKXsYVu_o0?t=8m43s

    • claude cat

      Might be better watching the Poggio Civitella stage in the 2010 Giro (where if you recall Evans gives it to Vino).
      The weather conditions appear to be similar. Wet and windy.

  • David Bonnett

    FYI: Your link on the UCI Rules article isn’t active – just text instead of an tag..

  • Ross

    Not sure that self-regulation by wheel manufacturers is a good thing. Major brands like Zipp, Enve etc will most likely do the right thing but some of the cheaper asian ones might not do it properly

    • Dave

      It’s not really self-regulation, the UCI is simply palming off the responsibility to the teams instead.

  • a different ben

    Hidden motor in that tube of Fix ALL????

    • Dave

      More likely to be a roll of €20 notes.


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August 20, 2017
August 19, 2017
August 18, 2017
August 17, 2017
August 16, 2017