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  • jules

    why isn’t Porte targeting the Giro? someone is going to end up shedding tears at the Tour – either him or Tejay. winning a Giro would be a lot better than ending up in a feud with Tejay at the Tour, or even if Tejay manages another top 5 – put Porte in a stronger position with the team.

    • It looks like the Giro parcours might suit Porte too: it’s got a longish and lumpy ITT and an uphill ITT. Mind you, the TDF has both as well.

      • jules

        Porte is a great talent but there is some evidence he has chinks in his armour – well discussed. The Tour is hard to win and against guys like Froome and even others like Quintana – he’s not the favorite. He could do his stocks and confidence a lot of good by winning the Giro – which is a huge achievement in its own right.

        Having said that I’d still love to see him have another tilt at the Tour – I reckon his best is still to come

        • Dave

          His confidence will have taken a hit from losing his favourite race to one of his former teammates at Sky.

          • jules

            not if he has deliberately chosen a slow build this year.

            • Dave

              If it was deliberate, he wouldn’t have gone near the podium.

              I think BMC should have sent him to Tirreno-Adriatico instead. If he’s targeting the Giro he should be doing more racing in Italy where he would have a chance to get used to handling the minor adversities and disorganisation not so present at the ASO races in France.

              • Michele

                From RIDE media’s Q&A with Richie:

                We saw you have a little chat with Alberto when the two of you were away. What’s being discussed then? It’s an obvious question but what language are you speaking and what have you got to say to one another?

                “I use English.

                “To be honest with you, I didn’t really want to attack ‘G’. I said that to G – that I wouldn’t attack him first… but then I also wanted to be on the podium and although G is one of my good mates, it’s a race. I didn’t really want to cooperate too much with Alberto but when we got away, it was to go for the podium for myself and try to get rid of [Ilnur] Zakarin (the stage winner on the Saturday, and third on GC going into the final stage just one second ahead of Porte).

                “I guess we both had interests and I think it worked out quite well in the end, to move up into third position on the last day was quite a nice feeling.”

                • Dave

                  That seems to confirm something I’ve thought for quite a while – Porte’s soft and noncommittal self-talk suggests that his desire to win is subject to a rational decision every day.

                  That won’t be a problem for Porte if he avoids straying too far outside his comfort zone. But it won’t be enough for him when he gets into the third week of a grand tour and the brain is screaming that it’s too hard – because he’ll lose to guys like Alberto Contador and Vincenzo Nibali whose desire to win is more instinctive than intellectual.

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  • Gavin Adkins

    Please stop calling him ‘Bling’…

    • anguskingston

      He’s an Australian sportsperson. He needs a nickname. Tubby Taylor never asked to be called Tubby.

    • jules

      why is that Ado? :)

  • Robert Merkel

    Paddy Bevin is the real deal, eh?

    • jules

      v. impressive

    • Definitely. Third in the prologue was a super effort and being able to maintain a top-four GC position until the final stage was impressive. He certainly doesn’t seem out of his league in the WT ranks and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him win something this year. Massive talent.

  • donncha

    “to heck with” !!??

    What sort of softly, softly language is that? Come on Cyclingtips, don’t forget your Aussie heritage!

  • Patrick Murphy

    I really do think Cancellara (if he stays in this form) might reconsider. Most pro’s know when it’s time to call it a day, but if you are winning or still at the sharp end then imo you should carry on. He’s no doubt set for life financially but still only 34, that’s a long time doing something else. Wish him well whatever route he chooses.

  • kristin

    Another rider I enjoyed watching during P-N was Sergio Henao (and I’m not a Sky fan). It’ll be exciting to see how he’ll do in this year’s Giro with Landa.


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