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  • KJ

    My god, just how did Sagan stay upright?! Demare guilty? Well he ain’t in a hurry to provide his power figures is he? Not cool

    • Sean

      Trial by comments…..Demare is guilty.

  • VerticallyCompliant

    Meanwhile Cav’s main Omnium opposition Gaviria seams to be balancing Track and road fine. A world title a few weeks ago and up there in the mix until he fell.

  • Chris Carpenter

    It’s disappointing that it’s come to this, trial and jury by teh right Honorable Internet. I can but help think that the Tinkov rider was annoyed because of all the hard work Sagan didn’t win. Granted he did crash but still. I’m curious though: looking at Demare’s data, his cadence is pretty constant in the high 90’s. Would taking a tow decrease that? I really don’t know. Anybody? Its a shame because this win will always be doubted which is a shame. As for Cav, personally I think he needs to let go the Olympics, his form in the Omnium isn’t great, one or the other if you ask me.

  • Andy Logan

    Re the time the race comes on, the last two years I have gone to bed and then got up with 90mins remaining off the race and watched from there and it’s been great. I think trying to stay up makes it a tough ask, especially if you have young kids you need to entertain the next morning.

    • Avuncular

      You could do the same for most road races done in benign conditions. The factors that make watching a race from finish to end are down to weather or having someone like Contador who is a racer’s racer. Most pro races ime are like watching paint dry until the last 30-40kms. Get rid of radios and following team cars using only neutral spares vehicles and watch racing as it should be.

      • Susanrmalone4

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      • Andy Logan

        I always stay up for ToF and Roubaix, those races are entertaining from the get go.

  • spicelab

    Somewhat gratified by your first point because I’ve always felt like a bit of a Philistine for not *getting* this race.

    I respect its history and prestige, but as far as racing is concerned it falls (almost) completely flat.

    • bigdo

      are you serious? I’ve always found it to be wildly entertaining and a great monument race that is long enough to really gauge who’s in form and who isn’t…

      Don’t let one year with a lousy finish cloud your view or cast aspersions on the entire race…

  • Patrick Murphy

    I was racing myself (not the MSR) so recorded the race live and decided to watch the last 55KM rather than a highlights show, brilliant race!

  • Patrick Murphy

    I was racing myself (not the MSR) so recorded the race live and decided to watch the last 55KM rather than a highlights show, brilliant race!

  • bigdo

    It is so rare to see a pro cyclist just completely smoke it like that in the last 500-600 meters of a race for seemingly no reason… In looking at the replay again and again I was thinking that he somehow clipped the BMC rider’s back wheel, but I dunno, now I’m not really seeing that as much… soooo weird. I guess yeah, he just totally lost his focus and bit it…

  • Peter Kennaugh and Michael Matthews, in the same front of the peleton crash as Arnaud Démare, both finished 34 seconds down. Matthews was slightly delayed by Bennati, in the same crash, while Kennaugh got back on the road fairly quickly. If Démare’s results should be questioned, then we should also question how Kennaugh and Matthews both got back near the front of the race. Quite likely, if we look at everyone in that crash, and look at their finishing times, we may find even more questionable results.



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