• Legstrong

    Gutted for Gaviria. He’ll win this in the future I’m sure. Too bad for Sagan and Cancellara. That was one of the most nerve-racking last KMs in recent years.

    • Sarasmcreynolds3

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      • Sean

        Excellent point @sarasmcreynolds3:disqus thanks so much for posting here.

  • bigdo

    smh.. Gaviria with the fall at the worst possible time, which totally changed the outcome of the race. From the re-plays, it looks like he just clipped the BMC rider’s back wheel…. wow… finish should have been him beating Sagan in a sprint. Seems maybe he got too excited because he knew he was about to win. Mala Suerte chico, mala suerte…

    • Neal Rogers

      Brutal. Hard to even imagine how devastating that would be.

      • bigdo

        oh it was clearly written all over his face when he got up… huge disappointment. It’s good though, he’s clearly an emerging star and will win other sprint races in the near future…

        • Neal Rogers

          To be in the finale at San Remo at age 21… he could win this race 5 times in his career!

          • bigdo

            yeah, he’s just a baby man…already at the highest levels and most sprinters race well into their mid and late 30s now at least.. he’s got plenty of time… but that won’t make this sting any less…

    • Rob

      I did enjoy Nacers hissy fit though.

      • bigdo

        he’s been buggin lately… didnt he try hooking Mathews at the end of Tirreno just a bit ago as well? lol

        • Strydz

          That was at Paris-Nice

      • Chris Carpenter

        Yeah, that was just fantastic. At the time I didn’t know his gears slipped (what ever that means on a professionally maintained bike – mine never do!) but his reaction was just so funny to watch, slapping the handlebars like a baby!

  • Daniel

    Disappointing the crash will take the focus off the winner, for Demare to be in the Matthews crash and still win is huge.

  • santiagobenites

    So, honestly, who had predicted that final podium? That’s what makes it fun to watch!

  • Rob

    Bummed Sagan & Cancellara didn’t get a clean shot at a win. Fabians bike is a thing of beauty though…

    • Strydz

      Yeah it is a pity but it would of been a surprise if they had won the sprint anyway, Demare had a pretty impressive kick on him considering he had to chase back on after the crash and the main field really motored over the Cipressa and Poggio which didn’t look like the case when watching it but the times proved otherwise. Who really knows what would of happened if Gaviria had stayed upright but Demare is certainly a worthy winner

      • Dave

        Demare allegedly motored up the Cipressa as well.

        • Strydz

          Looking at his Strava file doesn’t lead me to think he did a Nibali up the Cipressa, he might of had a sticky bottle but it doesn’t look like he hung onto the team car

  • Steven Hanley

    In the section The Finale there is “Mark Cavendish (Etixx-QuickStep)” should probably say “Mark Cavendish (Dimension-Data)” now days, easy mistake to type in on auto pilot though


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