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  • We need to go deeper. Progressive resistance…. to what wattage? That’s a key factor in determining if this is an option for a home set up or something that’s just nice to have on the road. And that price…… crikey.

  • Phillip Brown
  • Jono_M

    I still can’t get past the narrow rollers. It’s sturdy but I’d the whole time that I could slip off the rollers and end up on my butt.

    • James Huang

      It’s actually surprisingly difficult – almost impossible – to ride off the sides of this thing. As it turns out, the back end of the bike just doesn’t want to swing outward like that when the front end is locked down.

      • I second Mr. Huang’s perspective on this. Many moons ago–somewhere between 1999-2002–Bike Nashbar actually sold a similarly conceived product (portable rollers, narrow width, fork mount, but with fan resistance) that I used to warm up for countless races: in parking lots, in fields, and a bit of everything in between. Never came off the rollers, or even thought I was going to. If you race, it is a great addition to the race-day kit. If I had the coin, I’d be all over this Feedback one for sure.

        (Timeline question: “Founded in 2004”? Is that as a separate entity separate from Ultimate? I never got the details of that transition. And speaking of product longevity, the Ultimate (now Feedback) portable repair stand I purchased in 1995 is still in regular use, and hardly looks older than when I first bought it. Solid stuff; that trainer should amortize its cost nicely).

        Nashville, TN

        • Hey there @djcontraption:disqus thanks for chiming in with your comment. To answer your question about the transition from Ultimate to Feedback Sports – The brand was purchased and split off to become Feedback Sports about 8-9 years ago now. We still strive to support customers that are still using their Ultimate equipment with technical support where possible, so if you ever have any questions feel free to reach out to us! Thanks for the support!

      • Jono_M

        That’s really good to know! I’d done a couple roller sprints & saw people dislodge the rear wheel so the design gave me pause.

    • Sammy

      Think of it like, if the rear wheel swings sideways, the distance between front axle and rear tyre contact points shortens, and the wheel doesn’t want to sit further forward on roller so is forced to the centre.

  • Stephen Nold

    Used this roller as a warm up for the 2016 CX Nationals in Asheville, NC. Loved it! Felt solid and sturdy, even when throwing down a few sprint efforts. Plus, the Feedback crew at the races were great!


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